Saturday, September 24, 2011

JRath in Details Mag?!

Good Morning & happy Saturday. I just stumbled across this lovely picture while perusing this morning. Looks as though Jackson is part of a Details magazine spread on 5 Well Dressed Men. I could have the title wrong, so don't hold me to it. I have barely slugged back my cup of coffee, so it might not have had a chance to soak into my brain yet ;)

Enjoy this fine pic. I know I did/am.



  1. I am quite tired this evening, but I'm awake now! Thanks Jen x

  2. yum, that smile makes my undies melt....

  3. My comment isn't Jackson related but I wanted to get it out there anyway. I don't know that I've ever commented so you don't have a flippin clue who I am, but I want to send my best wishes to you for your nuptuals. It sucks big donkey balls that you won't be in Forks next weekend cause I didn't make it last year but I'm so there this year. You are one of the people I'd so hoped to meet. You have an acceptable excuse for your absence. :-) Enjoy your wedding, reception, honeymoon, husband, etc. You'll be missed in Forks. --Monique

  4. I friggin tried to comment under my Google account rather than "anonymous" and it would let me. I'm not trying to hide out. I swear... ;-)


  5. Yeah, typo. Should say "wouldn't let me" not "would let me." I'm really not psycho and I'm really not trying to spam your comments. I'm just that much of a spaz. --Monique

  6. Hey Monique- No worries, blogger has been an asshole lately! It helps if you un-check the "stay signed in" portion of Gmail.. Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. Love the comments!

    xo J


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