Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They're Doing It Wrong!

Squeeee!  A new BD poster!

Apparently they're releasing 2 teaser posters, 1 today and 1 tomorrow. Hint: Click on the "they're" and you can find out more.

BUT, they're doing it wrong...

OR Summit is doing it wrong.

I wonder who's dark grey shirt that is.....


Bella's engagement ring is on her RIGHT ring finger. WTF? Ok, before you all start calling me an idiot, I know most women put their engagement ring on their right ring finger prior to their wedding ceremony. Ideally because it leaves your left ring finger free & clear for the new wedding band.  I also get that maybe Bella just kept it on her right hand after the ceremony....BUT that doesn't look like a black tux she's resting it against, nor does it appear to be the light blue collared shirt we see in the stills of their journey to Isle Esme..... I was stumped, until I found this picture.

This dark grey shirt looks like it could be THE SHIRT. But do you notice anything? YES, Bella's ring is on the correct hand this time.  Now I'm bugged. Am I missing something? Did they say "Hey Kristen, switch hands and put it up near his collar. The teeny boppers won't notice it's the wrong hand."  Is Summitt just stupid? Please, comment!

Oh and PS....

This is how it's done!

Take note Summit.

So serious all the time....

"You'll always be my Edward.....
....My Edward just more flexible"



  1. Nice spotting, Jen!

    A lot of women 'back in the day' used to wear their engagement ring on the opposite hand all the time, and in some cases only wore their engagement rings on 'special occasions' during their marriage, wearing just their wedding band day-to-day.

    I have thought about this (maybe too much) and from the promos I think Bella might only wear her engagement ring until the wedding, then put it away and just wear her plain band instead.

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands...

    As a side note, as a 31 year old single woman, it's normal to check out a guy's left hand for a ring pretty much as soon as you've checked out his other 'assets', right?


    In the Top picture in this link--same clothes as what you spotted.

    Why would they have a bunch of pics with it on the left and then one on the right?

    What will you do for your wedding day Jen? It's soon you know! Very soon!!! SQUEEEEE!

  3. damn you now I have to be thinking about this don't I?

    So maybe before Edward leaves for the bachelor party he makes a big deal of 'back in my day it was customary for the vampire to switch the ring the night before.' And then he does it. :) that's the best I got so far!

  4. I can't worry about what Summit is doing...

    I much prefer reading and looking at the pictures of you Jen!! LOL!!! That is perfect. I LOVE the pics and your captions - just perfect!!! LOL!!!

  5. TwiKiwi- I did the SAME THING! I still look at good looking guys ring fingers ;)

    kiTT- LMFAO!!! 'back in my day it was customary for the vampire to switch the ring the night before.' I love your use of the word "customary"...very EDWARD-esque'. And you may very well have a valid point. I bet that's what happened and we'll just have to wait and see :) Love your analytical mind.

    DD- Glad I made you laugh xo

    xo J

  6. Tell me "Is Scummitt just stuped" was a retorical question.

    Lobe that last picture & quote.


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