Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twilight Saga BD Part 1 Convention...

Guess what?! It's been OFFICIALLY confirmed...

I want to leg hump Robsten.

*Click above to go to announcement!

Nov. 4th- 6th, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

So I got home from work this afternoon and noticed a very important email from @TwiloveSue proclaiming all of this lovely info, along with a handy lil' link. I clicked on that link and it took me to the announcement, which then took me to the Hyatt Century Plaza booking page.

I don't know WTF came over me, but I booked a room for Saturday night. It was as if I was posessed...posessed with the undying need to see Rob(sten) again.  Tickets for the actual convention aren't on sale yet, but I figured I might as well reserve my room.  Last year I drove up with ES & we had to drive back the same night. Sure it's only a 2.5 hour drive, but after the adrenaline rush from an event like that, driving home is such a buzz kill.

So....I might wait until the single day tickets come on sale, because lord only knows I can't afford the $250+ (2) or (3) day passes...but we'll see. I might get posessed again.  Btw, my room was $189, which is reasonable (not for me) for a hotel of that caliber. It's a pretty sweet spot.  AND, I don't believe they charge your card until 48 prior....they just hold it as a guarantee for the room.

Keep in mind, they haven't announced the attendees YET. However I don't foresee a BD part 1 convention that features just Nikki Reed & Kiowa Gordon. No offense to them intended!

I neeeeeed to see this again!

Credit in right hand case you're blind.

Doesn't Rob's smile just melt your heart panties here?!


 I figure since my chances of getting time off to camp for the premiere are pretty slim, this will be a close second ;) I have been lucky so far with some amazing experiences...

Are you thinking of going?!


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  1. Of course I am thinking of going! So what if I already flew across the country 4 times this year, what's a 5th time! LOL

    I do have one vacation day left and I could use for that Friday to travel there and then leave late Sunday.

    Off to book a room... oh my I think I am insane!


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