Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Must Have Had Sex With Edward...

...because I can't come to any other conclusion....

Exhibit A. 

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

I kid.

I was looking around for feathers, but there weren't any. 

I guess I got my hopes up.

Maybe I'm just klutzy.



  1. Hmm do you have a headboard? Haha! Maybe you're stressin pre-wedding and need to eat more iron? Possibility?

  2. Maaaybe. I have always bruised pretty easily...The last one on my upper thigh is from walking in the bedroom and running into the dresser. Hurt like a Mofo, but didn't bruise as bad as the other two....have no idea where those came!

  3. I bruise easy too. Most times I don't remember how they happened either, but sex with Edward sounds mighty good; those bruises would definitely be worth it!! ;)

  4. Wowsers, you think that's bad? You should see my bruising ability. I am scientifically a peach!

    It got so bad once after a particularly Bella-ish fall that the docs I worked with insisted on running clotting screens to check I didn't have a blood disorder.

    But then, it could just be the fact I worked in the blood ward and we were preoccupied I guess.

  5. Edward would leave that huge a thumbprint, I guess. The mosquitos here after the hurricane have been awful! Everyone I know has mosquitos bites all up and down their legs.

    Do you think mosquitos still bite vampires? lol


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