Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kristen in London - Mulberry Fashion Show 9/18

Hi, hope everyone had a great weekend. Is it really over?!  Sigh....

I have been lagging on the blog posts lately because frankly, I have zero energy.  And because I had to recover from that intoxicating BD trailer, which I may or  may not be planning to watch yet again before bed.

***Moving On***

Some pictures of Kristen surfaced today! And I'm thrilled that they're not the same old pap pics of her running to her car or ducking through an airport somewhere. She attended a fashion show for Mulberry in London...and sat right next to Kate Moss. Pretty cool.

I cropped this first picture of her because I think she looks absolutely stunning. Her hands make me laugh's SO KSTEW! It's like she's making a conscious effort to keep them clasped together in hopes it will prevent her biting her nails.  Love her & all her "Kristenisms." And yes, I just coined a new word. You saw it here first at Twired.


Kris, the designer of Mulberry (I think) & none other than Kate Moss.

So petite!

I believe they had it set up to resemble Brighton Pier, which I find pretty neato since I have been there!

Clearly she's rockin' her Snow White extensions.

You might wonder why I picked some of these pictures (found here). I felt they were less posed & as corny as it sounds...they felt more real. Especially this next one. It's somewhat raw & I love that about it.

What do you think of the "Snow White Hair'? Her dress?  I love both.  I do prefer her last hair color of chocolate brown with hints of red...but I know she's doing this for the movie...and it's suits her.



  1. Honestly, she looks amazing in anything and with any hair color. She just radiates beauty to me.

  2. I must say, I love the hair! It does so much to soften up her look and I can more easily picture her as Snow White now. I'm really looking forward to the movie!


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