Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ashley Greene Rocks & I'm Hungover As F*CK.

I am hungover as f*ck right now. Just sayin'.  I wanted to warn you in case you're reading along thinking I'm mildly retarded.  BUT I just had to post about our epic night in LA....

*Grammatical errors and sucky sentence structure ahead*

We were making great time on the way up, until we hit the 101. Traffic always seems to slow down there, but this was almost at a standstill. Eventually we made it to the hotel and had plans to meet up with @Jaymes805, @amandamelby & @LuvsMeSumEdward. We decided to go get something to eat before the show, but then just ended up heading over to the El Rey and eating at Chipotle. Yum! I think the poor people in Chipotle thought we were hookers ladies of the night.

Kidding, but we did have to look good for those Monkeys.  Once inside the theatre, the floor was pretty packed so we all decided to hang back, by the bar. Super convenient!  We did go find @TwiloveSue, @ZAnyMouse, @VampiresWeLove & @Twifixx & the Twi-Daughters. They scored a spot up front! We could have weaseled our way in next to them, but I'm sure it would have pissed off a lot of people.  And as you all know, Twired does not advocate being mean at 100 Monkeys Concerts. 

After a couple opening bands, 100 Monkeys were about to take the stage when guess who I see walk in... ASHLEY GREENE! At first I thought I was hallucinating. I knew it was her, I mean she has a very distinct face, but she was ALOT shorter & than I'd imagined. Google says she's 5'5"...I'm definitely not saying that is short, because ES & I are 5'2" & 5'1"...but movies always seems to make people look taller. She also looked younger & just overall smaller than I thought.  Anyhoo, as she walked by I said "We love you Ashley!" She looked back, smiled and said "Thank you!"  I'm not sure what came over me, but I just knew I had to say something.... She and her friend walked over to the side of the theatre and hung there for about 4 songs or so (we discreetly followed.)

You can see her profile (she's laughing) right in front of @amandamelby's head. her friend is the one in the skirt with the long legs who kind of looks like her from behind.

Then we went back to where we originally were and then she came and stood right next to us because she was told by the usher that she couldn't stand where she was standing?!  At one point mid way through the evening, @Jaymes805 stood next to her in line for the bathroom & Ash even watched ES put on her lip gloss.  When I heard she was in there, I hightailed it to the bathroom as well...liquid courage of course. She was washing her hands and putting on lip gloss as I went into the stall.  We literally spent the rest of the evening RIGHT NEXT TO HER. So close that she brushed ES's arm a few times.

At the end of the evening 100 Monkeys started to sing their THANK YOU song...which they ALWAYS sing at the end of the night when they're not coming back on stage, so we assumed that was it.  I told ES we just had to get a pic with her. She waited until the song was almost over and leaned over and said "Hi Ashley (to which she nicely smiled and said hi back) my Sister and I are huge fans. We don't want to make it obvious, but can we get a picture with you?" She said something like "absolutely" and her friend asked if we minded going over by the bathrooms in the hallway that led to the lobby foyer. So her friend and Ashley walked ahead and we followed.  Her friend was super cool & we again told Ash how much we love her and she couldn't have been any nicer.

ES looks comfortable, I look scared shitless ;)

As we were walking back to our spots, her friend and ES walked ahead & I walked behind Ashley.  She turns to me and says,

 "I haven't seen them perform in a year or so." I don't remember exactly what I said back, but I thought it was super cool that she made a point to not just run off as we walked back in.

After that, we all decided to head over to Angels & Kings, where they were supposed to have the after party. We thought it would be wise to get a head start, since Paul Mc Donald had just gone on stage & we thought 100 Monkeys were done. Turns out they went back on stage and did another set?!  We were too tired and drunk by about 1am, so we left.  We later find out from @Jaymes805 that Jackson and the band showed up, but sat in a booth while everyone surrounded them. So we don't feel too bad that we missed it. Plus it's not like we haven't met him & been to 8 or so shows already.  It never gets old, trust me...but if it was our first or second show, I think we would have been a lot more disappointed.  I almost feel like we didn't even see the band, since we spent most of the evening freaking over Ashley lol! Jackson looked hot, from what I remember ;)

All in all, the night was super fun.  No sightings of Nikki, but we know she was there, as @TwiloveSue saw her unloading her vehicle with Paul McDonald.  Rumor has it Sue and her crew got pics with Ash and Nikki after we left! So cool. Can't wait to see them!

Once I get the rest of the pics from ES I will post them. I'm sure there will be plenty floating around between all of us. A blurry one & a couple others for now:

 Me, ES, @LuvsMeSumEdward & @Jaymes805

@amandamelby & @Elusive_S

Me *please ignore my bewbs, they are not that big, it's a great bra & when I'm drunk I pull my shirt lower* @Jaymes805 & @Elusive_S



  1. Squeeeee!!! I am so super excited and jealous! That's a great pic of you and Sarah with her - too exciting and I'm proud that you guys went for it and asked her to get a pic. :) Yay!!!

  2. SUCH a fun night!!! I'm coming down from my 100 Monkeys high and will put up a blog post soon but I totally agree, it doesn't feel like we saw them at all. I am kind of sad about that and prob why im in such a bummer mood today... I feel like we missed them, especially upset about the 2nd set but at least I have more shows in August. Plus seeing Ashley makes up for it a lot. :) Miss you ladies was SUCH a good time.

  3. J- I'm not sure if I will make it to the LA show in August as the wedding will be taking up my life by then...but obviously we will party it up at the SD show for sure! AND we will be in front.

    MB- Love your hair btw, do you? So cute. Thanks for the sweet comment. Sarah has major balls.

  4. I just showed my hubs your pic with Ashley; he said "that's not fair" (he loves Ashley/Alice) LOL So cool that you met her!

  5. Jen, your picture with Ashley is ADORABLE!!!! We saw her afterwards and she was very sweet & gracious to us too. I have a ton of really awesome pics and will pull together a Twibite post soon. The Monkeys were awesome as always and I still can't believe we stood next to Nikki for Paul's whole set. What a night! We need to hang out together at the San Diego show but you can't arrive fashionably late :) XOXO!

  6. Sue- I promise I wont be late! LOL We have VIP passes to skip the line, so we're going to get there early and get a spot next to the stage for sure!


  7. Squee! Well done girlies, sounds like an awesome night was had by all xxxx

  8. are they dating? (Jackson & Ashley) Look this video:

  9. @JANI NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take back my photo with her if they are. ;)

  10. Jani- No clue. I don't know if they'd have time to date each other, but they may hook up now and then. Who knows. I think they'd be adorbale together :)


  11. Wow Jen! That is so cool! Ashley looks amazing -- and you and ES looked pretty hot too. Love that you asked her for a picture. I think I'd be too scared. Or I'd say something inappropriate. YAY!

  12. Awesome post Jen ..sounds like a great night..I can't wait to see them in Chicago in July with some Forks h00rs..I hope we have a special guest show up at our show (besides Jackson).

  13. the website says that the two:"kissing throughout the night"...

    Is true? have you seen anything about this?

  14. Jani- Ashley was standing next to me the entire night and we were back by the bar. As far as the after party, I left before they got there. However, I highly doubt they'd be making out, considering they were surrounded by fans like a Zoo exhibit... (thx Jamie)

    They could just be great friends...and if they're becoming more, awesome! I'm for either scenario.

  15. wow! ashley's got nothing on you hotties. ;)
    what a cool night!

    i want to live in california. the end.

  16. LOL thanks Robzsinger! Yes, come to CA! It's where all the fun is at :)

    xo J

  17. Those pictures are great and I have to commend you on your balls (and bewbs, frankly). I'm not so sure I could ever go up to celeb and ask for a picture. But it sounds like AG is a very nice, down to earth person.

    And you're 5'2''?? Really? I thought you were a lot tall me... ;P


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