Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Be A Bitch

January 26th, 2010 ES & I created a post called Twired Sista's Rules. Essentially it was a list of things you shouldn't do (faux pas if you will) at a 100 Monkeys concert. These rules were created based upon our personal observations/encounters.

That said, that post should have been taken with a grain of salt ;) However this post should be taken seriously....for the most part. 

ES's mantra.

I kid.

Back in November of 2009, ES & I went to our FIRST 100 Monkeys show, and our second shortly after that in December. So far to date, we have been to......let us count, shall we?

1. Viper Room LA
2. Viper Room LA
3. SOMA San Diego
4. Viper Room LA
5. HOB San Diego
6. Viper Room LA
7. Roxy LA

Through these shows, we have definitely seen a progression of sorts. The first show where we met Jackson was our second Viper Room show. He went to hang by the bar once it was over and we politely asked the Bananager if we could get a picture with him.  He was super polite, charming & overall seemed flattered. That night the girls seems respectful and no one crowded him  The second time we met him, he skipped out of the Viper Room pretty fast with his band to pack up and avoid the increasingly large group of girls waiting by the stage exit. He snuck out somehow and we happened to be at the right place at the right time & got a pic with him in the old child molester looking Monkey Van. I guess no one knew he was in there...  The third time, also at the Viper Room, he had tons and tons of girls asking for pics & crowding around him at the bar. He obliged and took pics, but you could tell it was getting a bit overwhelming.  I must mention that the Viper Room is one of those venues where the only way they can get off stage is to walk by fans....great for us, a possible pain in the ass for them.  After that, I vowed not to ask for anymore pictures. 

"Stick around after, let's party!"

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm rambling.....admittedly I am & there is no way to make a smooth transition here....that, or my brian is fried from work. I'm thinking it's the latter. I "heard" that the crowd at the 100 Monkeys show in NYC  the other night, was being a bit ornery.  Apparently girls weren't letting other girls get back to their place after going to the bathroom, and some were asking for pics with Jackson before the show & wouldn't take no for an answer.  I also got wind of some "crazy Twi fans" screaming out "Jasper!"  Really?!?! It's people like that that ruin it for the rest of us. I imagine the majority of us are Twi fans, some crazier than others...but just becasue you're obsessed doesn't mean you can't keep that shit in check.  I'm the first to admit he gives me that tingly feeling and I get all giddy and ridiculous when he first walks on stage, but it's Jackson with his band, NOT JASPER. And no matter how much you want to beg him to say "Excuse me Ma'am" or "Battlescars"...please don't.  And to top it off, the entire band ROCKS. Each and everyone of those guys is super talented & tons of fun on & off stage. 

As for US... THE FANS, we're in this TOGETHER (unless of course you're wearing Mom jeans, or get so drunk you start crying cause the bounger won't let you back in...)  Do you have to give snooty looks, or not let people back to their place?  Let's be KIND to each other.

Don't Be A Bitch!

Read The Rules, and we won't be a bitch either ;)


Sort of.

Speaking of the entire band being super cool, here are some pics we may or may not have posted in the past.  We still need one with Ben J!

Ben G is a cutie!

Jerad is smokin' hot & super cool.

WAIT FOR IT..............

ES & Munkle!!!!!!!!
He's so charming.

Can't wait till 5.21 @ the El Rey theatre in LA!

P.S. Remember, don't be a bitch!



  1. It's a shame you even have to post something like this. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between Jasper & Jackson needs to turn in their Fangirl Card.

    A 100 Monkeys concert is NOT the place to be a bitch. Save the attitude for your office.

  2. So well said, Twired Jen. I am so excited because I bought my tix to go to my 1st monkey show this summer. As much as I am a twilight fan and as much as I do love me some Jasper, I am a huge 100 Monkeys fan. I can't wait to see what songs I will get to hear. I can't wait to see the Monkeys in action on stage. I've heard they are so energetic and I'm so excited that I'll be getting to see that first hand. I really hope that the show I go to has a decent crowd that knows some proper manners in just being there to enjoy the music being made by All the Monkeys! :)

  3. Well said, agree agree agree :-)


  4. Well said. I was disgusted and disappointed in many of the folks in the audience at the NYC May 7th show. Thank goodness I had @Jaymes805 to text with during the show. She help me realize this was just an oddity. I did notice that a lot of the folks annoying the frak out of me weren't from NYC or even close by. So they brought there crazy from a state far away or another country. Phew!!!

    Hope that the audience at my next show isn't as insane as that one was.

  5. hey all

    like misstejota, i was also at the show in new york city and it was nothing like my first show last year in dc. let's just say the fans in line were a bit rowdy and not acting their age. the band would come and go from the venue while we were waiting on line. most fans were fine with catching a glimpse, however the girls in line behind me screamed loudy and proceeded to chase them across the street. when they couldn’t find the band they came back and plotted how to find the band. i was disgusted. yes, do i want a picture with the band- sure, but i won't resort to tactics that are devious and give the fandom a bad name.

    hopefully chicago will be better.

  6. You girls are professionals...this should be like a Handbook for 100 Monkeys Fans. I'm thinking you should get it published!

    I hope I get the chance to put these rules into action one of these days. I missed them the last time they were in Tulsa.

    Girls srsly yell out "Jasper"? What is wrong with some people?!

  7. Ugh, I hadn't heard of the NYC show. It had better not happen here, but I really don't think it will. For those of us who have been to multiple shows we keep seeing a lot of the same fans over and over, and everyone gets along. It's becoming a Monkey Sisterhood. Rock on!

  8. Gah! I wish I had the enegy to respond to everyones comment, but I had a crazy busy day at work and then a crazy work brain isn't functioning. But thank you all. Glad you get what I'm trying to put off ;)

    xo J

  9. It is a shame the crowd was disrespectful, but I'm hoping the flip side is that the band gains a bigger following. I really want to see them do well and be able to play larger venues. I give Jackson so much credit for juggling it all without going bananas. <---monkey humor

  10. We can hope that as Twilight winds down and his music career winds up, that there will be a change in the people that see the shows. Always good to post a reminder of the things not to do :)

  11. Could NOT agree more, hence the email I sent out the night of the NYC show after reading some upsetting things on twitter and text from people I knew who attended. The show at The Roxy had nothing but amazingly nice least that I noticed. I was kind of in a 100 Monkeys euphoria that night so maybe people were being bitchy and I totally blocked it out. Either way, it was nice. So stoked for the next show and really hoping the crowd is amazing again. I'm guessing it will be and if not, we have our posse so all should be great! :)


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