Thursday, May 5, 2011

Robward Trumps Cindo de Mayo! *BD SPOILER!*

Admittedly, I was going to do a Cindo de Mayo post in honor or Rob. Not that Rob has anything to do with Mexican heritage or pride....but don't we all try and fit him in somewhere?

Much to my dismay as I perused google images, there were no pics of Rob with a margarita, Rob wearing a sombrero, Rob passed out in an alley in Mexico, Rob playing a round with a Mariachi band....damn, if only I had photo shop skillz...[if someone can throw *jumping rob* into a mariachi pic, I will grovel at your feet...if we ever meet.]  Anyhoo, I did find Rob with a Corona!

Most of us have seen this before, but hey it's Rob, and I'm sure you'd agree that there is no such thing as too much Rob.

I'd love to share an ice cold Corona with Rob.

So after find that pic, I became discouraged and jumped back on twitter. Boy was my timing good.  Robsessed tweeted a new Robward pic from BD.


Good Gawd Robward....I'd pay to be "Bella's" hand.

I'm sure this movie will have it's "FML, DID THEY REALLY JUST DO THAT?" moments, but I can't effing wait to see it.  That's part of the fun of watching these Twi-movies.....we may be giggling or rolling our eyes at the depiction of certain scenes, wardrobe choices & wigs.....but we LOVE THEM.  AND, despite the awkward moments, we will watch them again and again and again. 



  1. I'd pay to be Bella's hand too. Oh hell yes I would! I wouldn't mind being that bottle of Corona neither. ;)

  2. I know I'm probably setting myself up for colossal disappointment, but I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing BD! Those pictures of Robward are absolutely killing me and I just can't get enough. Luckily I have Robowski to keep me company while I wait :)

  3. *whispers* I don't know what Cindo de Mayo is...

    But I loves that piccy!


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