Monday, May 16, 2011

Rob Sings: It's The End Of The World As We Know It.

I warn you ahead of time that this post will be ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PLACE.  I have so much random shit to talk about. Partly because I have been super busy with work and RL & partly because there is a lot going on.

Let's start off with something that basically had me emailing, tweeting and texting my bloggy besties like crazy this afternoon.

Now THAT is visually dynamic in more ways that one...

But this is what I was referring to: The full audio clip from Songs from a Room. Remember the little vid we got a peek of way back when...of Rob singing in London?!

Ok the link comes out looking funky on the blog. Go HERE to see it, but don't forget to CUM back...that's if you recover from your EARGASM.

Moving on...wait, doesn't that sound so inappropriate?! How can you move on after hearing something such as that?!


Someone is celebrating their 23rd birthday tomorrow May 17th.....

Happy Birthday Nikki Reed! Psssst, I don't like putting you on the same post as Rob, but it has to be done.  Be good!

She's sooo purrrrty.

Let's see, what else...oh! A new Robsten vid from Libenet!  One of my
 favorite Robsten vid creator extraordinaires!


Now onto something a bit more serious.  My famiy & I were in Orange County this weekend for a wedding. Now don't go thinking we were hanging out with Vicki, Tamara & all those plumped up, it was inland OC, which is quite uneventful.  Anyhoo, it was my first "real" boyfriend's wedding.  I know, seems kind of weird. BUT, I have known him since I was 11 & our parents are still friends.  We all went up to celebrate and had an absolute blast. 

Here's a pic of the Twired Sista's:

My dress was actually closer to purple and ES's was light blue.
(blackberry photo)

So while we were in the in the hotel room getting ready, I overheard a news bit about this guy who is predicting the end of the world.

He "says" it's going to be:


MAY 21ST, 2011 @ 6PM

I  looked at ES & said,, "Grrrrreat, why can't the world end AFTER 100 Monkeys go on stage?!?"  Seriously dude, you're predicting the world will come to an end as ES & myself are getting all gussied up in our West Hollywood hotel room? Fabulous. Just we need.  I can see it now, it will be like all of those apocalyptic movies about the world ending and downtown LA is falling apart. PERFECT.

What do you think?

...not just about Rob singing, about this "crazy" guys prediction?



  1. i hope you don't mind but i never read the rest of the post after the robgasm you induced. so um nikki reeds bday and you had some family stuff which i'm sure was lovely and important....*said with love*

    umm Rob's singing and playing the guitar....i die! is he trying to kill us? or at least ruin all our panties. cause i've *blushes* had to change twice since this afternoon....please pretend no one who sees me in forks knows that.

    i'm a pretty normal person in general but hearing this....well i can't help myself....i stop whatever i'm doing, i listen, my panties get wet.

    serioiusly he's trying to kill us all right? i am listening as i write this and am a bubbling mess.

    *no coherent thoughts* love him want to be with him while he plays and sings. i want to go to him.....

  2. btw i'm just a stay at home mom with a lovely hubs and 2 kiddos that i adore and can't believe that i'm squeeing like a crazy fangirl over this. *blushes* again.

  3. 1. Rob better buy me new pants because he just ruined the one's I'm wearing

    2. Happy Birthday Nikkiiiiiii!

    3. You ladies are so gorgeous and I cannot wait to see you in a few days. We better get to see each other before the world ends!

    I think this guy is full of it. I read the article and the only thing I agree with is this part: "My personal opinion is when somebody predicts a specific day, the Lord says I will not come back on that day" I highly down Jesus is all sittin around like "crap, this guy has me all figured out. Glad everyone is prepared!" I think it will happen after BD part 2. At least I hope. :)

  4. Libby- LMAO! um......welcome to the club girl!

    Jaymes- Still LOL-ing about your post...cannot wait to see you and yes, let's hope the world at least waits until BD 2! pmsl!

    xo J

  5. Cool! My birthday is 5/17 as well!

    The audio of Rob singing... I'm breathless. He's got the voice of an angel.

  6. I just heard about the end of the world prediction. Apparently Saturday will be the Rapture where Christians will go to Jesus & you can arrange for your pets that are left behind to be taken care of by non-christians. WTF???


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