Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Was Searching For Twilight Quotes...

.....and it led me to some random tattoo pics, which led me to some hilarious posters.  You know how it is, you start looking for one thing and your original search becomes almost obsolete.

This all started when I witnessed a tweet fest going on between @JennyJerkface & @MyAfterCar regarding tattoos. I don't personally have a tattoo, but if I ever got one, I'd sort of like it to be subtly Twilight related....a quote maybe? @Elusive_S has a LEO sign on her hip'ssuper sexy......I thought about getting an Aquarius symbol, but it's not as purrrrty. So next best thing is Twi, right? It's the only thing in life I have ever been obsessed with.  It would sure as hell have to be worth it though....

That said, on to the pictures I stumbled accross....enjoy!

Ummm......Is that a baby's butt, or your GUNT?
[gut? cunt? can't tell the difference?]

Seen it. Still LOVE IT.

Now that all depends on "which drain" needs unplugging ;)

Gotta give the man some points!

If I was 16, this would be my room.....
So jealous!

Have I ever mentioned my aversion to backs. Yup...most kind of gross me out. Zits, sweat, hair..come one girls.......take care of YO-SELF.

Gross. I think I'm going to puke.
Back aversion rears it's ugly back.
Oh, and why does it look like you're draining yellow puss from that mole?!? 

....Oh, I get it. It's a pen mark in the middle to make it even. Fine. Makes sense. BUT still looks like puss.

LMAO! Southpark anyone?

I hate it & love it....... all at the same time. not agree with the anti feminism part...get over it, it's a BOOK, about VAMPIRES.

Suck it.

Hope you had a laugh, I sure did!



  1. Too funny!!! I guess it's no surprise that I could look at bad Twilight tattoos and funny Twi posters all day. Jen, I'm with you on the tattoo. I've thought about it (a lot lately) and, if I do it, I'm also going with a subtle quote. I guess I can see now why non-Twilight people think we're nuts.

  2. I'm with you Jen, if I ever got a Twi-tat it would have to be something subtle. I'm no stranger to ink - I've got 13 (most are small).

    PMSL @ that first pic!!


  4. i have a twi tat, its across my upper back (sorry) and its the quote from the locket, "more than my own life" i have it in latin and under it i have 7 heart shapped leaves representing my 4 kids and my 3 grandbabys,surrounded by vines, its very pretty, and i am surprised how many people actually know what it says and what its from!!!! but some of thetwi tats that i have seen are downright scarry!!!! LOL


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