Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Memorial Day Weekend isn't quite over yet...seeing as it's only 2pm here on the West Coast.  I'm not sure how your weekend weather was, but ours sucked big ass. It was grey and cool on Saturday, then cold & rainy on Sunday.  Today however is in the low to mid 70's and sunny, thank goodness! That said, you might be wondering why I'm blogging instead of outside soaking up some vitamin d...well, I had a little time to kill before heading over to my parents this afternoon for a BBQ & thought I'd see what I'd missed since ditching my lap top most of the weekend:

Oh looky looky, new pics of Rob on the set of Cosmopolis! Woot Woot! Looking mighty handsom Rob.

Nothing like Rob in a classic black suit.

I know it's hard to move on from NEW Rob pics, but check out what Jackson tweeted this weekend:


See, there he is doing something to me with those fingers of his. It's like they're always saying "come hither."
Apparently this is a photo shoot for a UK Magazine, but don't quote me on that.  Do you notice how Jackson looks amazingly sexy  even with a little bit of blood on his lip and a slight gash across his face?

And speaking of Jackshley looking amazing under any circumstances, here's Ashley Greene hanging at a Memorial Day party in Malibu this weekend. She manages to look beautiful and flawless, even while wearing a simple grey tee & holding someones baby. Jealous!

All photos via Twifans

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Memorial Day weekend!

Be Safe.



  1. But, but, aren't you just a little bit disappointed by the haircut for Cosmopolis? I know I am.
    The black suit is mighty fine, but I'd hoped the 'do' might be a bit more like the 'Details' shoot 'do' - now that would have worked ;-)
    Anyhoo, I'll reserve judgement until I actually see the movie - can't wait!

    CC x

  2. Our weather has been sunny, HOT & HUMID here in NJ all weekend. We're talkin' 90's. More like July than late May but at least it didn't rain ('cept for a T-storm very early this morning). I happen to love overcast days in the summer; I'm no sun-worshipper. Besides, cloudy days remind me of Forks, even tho I've never been there. OK, enough about the weather...

    Rob, Rob, Rob... I love the black suit (sings Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top). The hair? I agree with Chloe Cougar. He's fuckhawt no matter what tho!

  3. Not gonna complain about the winter I am staring straight into, given that in 61 days I'll be in SoCal, baby!

    I heart the Cosmopolis suit. I don't even mind the hair. I just don't like the white limo. It should be black, IMHO.


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