Thursday, April 8, 2010

Any excuse for Robsten! (thx KStew)

On April 9th, 1990... Kristen Jaymes Stewart made her way into this world.

Is it just me, or do you think she came out looking something like this?

KStew circa 1990 (JK)

Guess she hasn't changed very much.....

Kristen circa 2010


Thank you for bringing "Bella" to life.

I puffy heart you big time!

Here are a few of my favorite KStew pics:

I'd have that look on my face if Rob's sparkly (?) peen found it's way into my vagina.

Ok, honestly I was just going to post a bunch of beautiful pictures of KStew, but then I realized I'd like to do something in honor of her birthday....

Dear Kristen,
In honor of your birthday, I'd like to give a little tribute to you and that know the one ;)
Seeing as I'm having withdrawls lately ;) I'm sure you don't mind...

Clearly I give a CRAPSTEN. You'd pretty much have to be living under a pile of jagged rocks to not know how much I support Robsten...or be a new follower
*waves at new followers*

IF you give a Crapsten, this vid will make you melt into a pile of goo.
(yes, I mean you Lisa xoxo)



  1. I do not give a crapsten, but I loved this post! That baby photo! LMAO! I'm not even a big fan of Kristen to be honest, but whatever floats your boat!

  2. I was going to say... 17ForeverLisa is going to fall on the floor with this post. Not only is it all about Kristen and Robsten but all the pictures are in black and white - her favorite. You picked some of the very best pictures. Lovely post.


    Totally spit green tea on my screen with the newborn flip-off pic.

    Full of EPIC win!


  4. I am goo.

    I heart this post and I heart you.

  5. Ah..this is a beautiful post, I cannot deny that. The video was awesome, the song is so touching. Happy birthday Kristen...

  6. Woah Mrs. P...I'm shocked. Aren't you supposed to say something sarcastic? Or tell me KStew sux donkey balls? I'm waiting for it.........No?

    Just messin' with ya. Thank you.


  7. Hey Twired Jen, you might have actually done it with this post and broken me out of my ambivalence about Robsten....I just might be a little bit more of a fan than before. That vid was awesome.

    Great post.


  8. deny, deny, deny (that's how i get through my day) happy birthday kristen.

    (love the b&w photos!)

  9. New follower *waves back*
    Love the baby Stew pic lol
    If Robsten isn't just a myth, well then color me green. Happy B day Stewy ... My guess is you've already received the best gift a girl could get ;)
    Love love the vid, seriously butiful!

  10. Let me know the minute you find out what Rob gave her or did for her birthday! It's probably like her own island they can escape to, Isle Kristen. Hope Bella the vamp resembles third picture down rather than fourth picture in BD.

    Brave of you to post your own baby picture!

  11. Oh, Jen. I have tears streaming down my face. Sure I've had too much wine tonight with Drunk Mad Libs and twitter, but Dangrdafne is right. This post is so me with the Robsten love, the black and white images, and the beautiful video.

    "All this time we were waiting for each other." That line from the song says it all. And it also echoes my sentiments about you and all of my bloggy besties. We didn't know even what was missing from our lives until we found each other.



  12. @lisa, So glad u saw this. Your post got me all teary eyed! lmao. I knew you'd love it. The vid just killed me. Have a great time in WI.
    xoxo be safe!

  13. Absolutely beautiful post. I'm just checking it due to being out of town this weekend.


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