Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twired Elusivity

So, I may have been ultra-elusive these past couple of months, but it's not without a good excuse, which I'll get to in a minute. I just need you to know something incredibly important, important to my elusive twiputation-My mind has been immersed in twilight (however indirectly...). I am just going to give a little summary of things that have been buzzing through my mind, and follow up with the post I am most excited about in a couple of days. (enter cheering! A wine-induced Elusive S original will hit Twired very soon).

My gorgeous senior black labrador I adopted last year (long story short, some guy found him 'wandering' outside the veterinary clinic i work in, I fell in love with him and after a couple surgeries, several treatments and 26lbs later, here we are!) has been very sick. So, one of the side effects of his very sick liver, and a multitude of medications, was a very decreased appetite... Enter ground beef. I, the vegetarian (but NOT in a CULLEN kinda way,) had to cook MEAT (oh the horrors!) to encourage him to eat. SteamingHotGoopyGroundBeef. Talk about love! I was so freaked out by it that I found myself scrubbing the hell out of the sink (the fat that had accumulated in a ring around the sink, think: dirty bathtub ring.) How on earth people actually EAT that shit I will never know... but hey, to each their own. Anyhoo, I began thinking about that part in Eclipse (page 219 if you haven't already figured it out) when Bella and Jacob are in the Swan kitchen and after discussing her human 'deadline', Jake slices his hand open with a knife he's washing... bleeds... & then heals. Bella then scrubs the hell out of the sink with bleach and pops the dishtowel into the wash with more bleach saying, 'we're a bit sensitive to blood
around here'. Well, yah, that was me... but not for the purpose of my vamp boyfriend. (too bad)

In the beginning of the nightmare that was my child (Auggi dog) being gravely ill, I made a trip up to the specialty hospital (with notsotwired Mom in tow). At some stage during the drive, I reached into my bag for the brochure and suddenly gasped, 'ow!'... 'what sar?', my mom asked. I responded with a breathless, 'paper cut' to which we both burst into giggles, followed by a second gasp, this time in unison in regards to how much that little sucker was BLEEDING! And our realization that NM didn't really exaggerate. I take back all of my fun-making about how lame that scene looked in New Moon (movie)-papercuts really can bleed like that! Who knew.

The other night, I was taking care of my neighbor's kid... she suddenly began talking about giant candy on Didja know they have GIANT gummy bears? I quickly messaged Twired Jen, joking we should send one to Kellan (but surely it's been done?).

Lastly, I have been doing a bit of perusing your blogs and playing around with my new twitter account (thanks Jen) to catch up in the bloggy world. I must say, I am very excited to read about some of your 100 Monkeys experiences! I am having serious Jackson withdrawals and cannot wait for him to get his gorgeous ass back to California.

... Oh Jackson... I miss your sexy mug.

So you see, I may have been more elusive than ever, but twi-isms have snuck in left and right the whole time. And, I am still a hugely proud sufferer of Jacksonitis. :)


PS Auggi is on the mend, defying most expectations!

Elusive S


  1. I'm glad Auggi is okay! Poor pup! You're a good puppy-mama for cooking him some (delicious) ground beef (as a former vegan, I know from where I speak). ;) I'm sure it was tough, but now that he's getting better, I'm sure it was worth it! Big belly rubs for Auggi (but not anywhere there might be stitches).

    Twilight does sneak in there, doesn't it? It's probably a good thing Bella didn't have pets, Edward may have been tempted to sample the buffet, LOL.

  2. I am so going after those giant gummy bears. Yummy! Mothers Day is coming up and could you imagine if that showed up on a doorstep of a sugar-holic like myself? That would be one hyper-mom.
    Great to see you posting and that is quite the dedication to do the meat thing for your doggy. Disgusting even from a carnivore like me.

  3. Hugs to you and the pup. I am glad all is better for now. You are a good puppy Mom for making the beef and I don't blame you at all for the scrubbing of the sink.

    I have seen the giant gummy bear live and it is a little much. I can't imagine twilightcupcake any more hyper than she is but this thing might do it ;) LOL!!!

  4. I love that pic of you and the pup. Unfortunate coincidence, my doggie has been sick, too. In fact I am home from work this am to make sure he doesn't pull out his stitches. He's sleeping by my side as I read Twiblogs! I got the news yesterday that he has cancer, so me and my sweetie are pledging to make his last days on Earth as good as we can. Yeah, some people don't get it (hmmm, like Twilight), but if you work with vets you probably do! Hugs and scratches for Auggi.

  5. @ES: On my lap top I couldn't view 2 out of the 4 pics you posted. TOO CUTE! Love the gummy bear and one of you and Aug!
    My lap top does I can't view certain pictures, they come up blank. Now from my work computer I can see them fine. Lame.
    xoxo J


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