Friday, April 16, 2010


A year or so ago I stumbled upon a site called "Post Secret." According to Wikipedia, "Post Secret is an ongoing community art project, created by Frank Warren, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Select secrets are then posted on the Post Secret website, or used for Post Secret's books or museum exhibits."

Here are a few of the postcards people have sent in. I find them fascinating, and yet often rather depressing.


Thank gawd I have never been in the back seat of a cruiser.

Sad. is your s/o doing that for when you're home anyways??? Am I missing something? Is he so hard up (lmao) that he can't wait until he's alone?

While perusing, I noticed that Letters to Twilight has done their own version of Post Secret, called "Twilight Secrets." I'm totaly loving these!

Me too...

LMAO! I have considered going brunette, not because of Bella, but I did LOVE the color of her hair in Twilight...esp against her pale skin.

Totally not weird. I miss him too. Esp during the droughts.

Couldn't agree more.

I'm assuming if you're here reading this post, that you LOVE Twilight. I'm wondering if any of us ladies (men?) have Twilight related secrets that you haven't talked about either on your own blog, twitter or in the comments you post? Isn't that why we're all here? Maybe we actually have Twi-secrets that we keep from each other? Or just ones we keep from RL friends/fam?

Tell me if you have a Twi-secret that you keep from others. It could be something that no one knows (until now) OR something that you keep from just your "real life" friends & fam.

Examples: (& no, they aren't mine)

"I'm obsessed with Twilight, and no one knows this except all of my online bloggy friends."

"I put cardboard Edward in the living room so he can watch me dust the furniture...."

"I'm worried my FF addiction will ruin my marriage."

Now is the time to get stuff off that busty chest of yours....or just remind us of how Twi-obsessed you are. I may use some of these for a future blog, mmmkay? Although it's not 100% anonymous in the comments (duh), I can re-post it anonymously if you'd like. Just say so.

Answer in the comments!!!



  1. I made my husband have his foreskin reconstructed so that when we have sex it is easier to fantasize that he is Rob.

  2. I am so addicted to Twilight blogs, twitter and reading fan-fic that I take my laptop into the bathroom if nature calls during one of my reading sessions...I may or may not be in the bathroom right now ;) LOL or would PMSL be better?? AHAHAHAHA

  3. Pssst...I hate jacob black!

    I scan the highway for shiny, silver volvos when I drive.

  4. I count Volvos when driving because they remind me of Edward. Today ran an errand of about 12 miles & saw about 6 Volvos. Actually called that "2 miles per Volvo" & was psyched because there was a white Jeep behind me. (I love my Monkey Man.) The saw a BMW and said "Ostentatious" out loud. Does this auto obsession make me crazy?

  5. @TwitardedMom - Yea the auto obsession is what makes you crazy... ummm ... yea that's it.. the auto obsession. LMAO!!! Love you!

  6. Shhhh. I read so much fanfic, that I jumped today when I was taking a nap because I thought I heard Edward. It was my phone, but whatever I was sleepdrunk.

  7. I almost didn't sell my silver Volvo even though it really needed to be traded in - just because, well, it's a silver Volvo!
    I take my iphone everywhere just to check on blogs, fanfic etc. and hence created Twi-Mobile because I'm a selfish girl who couldn't stand reading everyone's stuff from their desktop versions.

  8. just inspired me. I took a pic of KStew giving the finger from her Interview Mag cover. I'm sure you have a "tamer" one..lmao! xo

    @everyone else: Luv you all. Thanks for commenting. PS, I WANT A SILVER VOLVO!

  9. Here's a not-so-secret - It's only a matter of time before I am reprimanded (or worse)at my job for the amount of time I spend blogging and online in the fandom. And I can't stop. Don't want to stop! : )

  10. I keep telling myself that as long as I can tell other people about it, I don't have a problem. So I tell my RL friends about the blogs I love (like this one) and hope that I don't need professional help.

  11. A-ha! I commented! Aren't you proud of me? So, the deal is Firefox won't let me comment on sites like yours and Lisa's. I switched to Safari and finally saw the damn veri-word. Sheesh, what a pain.

  12. My whole twitter/blog twilight life is a secret from most in the RL! Only my BF knows it all..

    I pretend to not know the latest twi information when friends tell me. i.e. posting the Eclipse trailer on my fbook wall a week after it came out. I gushed like it was the first time I'd seen it. Little did they know I attempted to stay up until 2am to watch as soon as it was released.

    I hope this becomes a regular post - I LOVE post-secret!


  13. @Mox - LMFAO!!!

    The biggest secret I have is how much I have actually spent on my Twi/Robsession. I don't even tell myself how much it is because I'm pretty sure I could have paid for a semester of my son's college tuition instead.

    And I totally agree with what STY said.


  14. Hey girl - just trying to catch up on the bloggy weekend... I guess my twi-obsession is a secret from some, or at least the level of obsession is. Everyone knows I've read it and liked it, they just don't know how effing crazy I am about the whole thing!

    Also, since TC helped me download fanfic to my iTouch, I take it with me to the bathroom at work for mini-breaks, whether I need to go or not. I'm pretty sure my office thinks I have some sort of intestinal issues... LMAO


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