Wednesday, April 21, 2010

News Flash!

Elusive S might not be so elusive after all! Last night she let me create a bloggy twitter account for her. I told her if & when she does post, it's great for post-pimping! I also told her that she's missing out because we have soooo much fun in twitterland.

Tweet, tweet.

Here's an example of a typical Friday night:

(ok, maybe not typical, but it happens now & again...and it's so much fun!)

@SoTwired- Hi Ladies! Where is everyone? Oh it's DML nite, FML! I can't keep up.

@MrsP_Twibite LOL, I'm here Jen. Just pouring a bit of rum in my can of diet coke...

@SoTwired- Ahhh, I'm drinking vino as usual. Where's @17foreverlisa? P.S. NEW POST!

5 min later

@17foreverlisa- Damn u Jen, I WAS here, then you came on and twitter froze!

@SoTwired-Twitter doesn't like the 2 of us together. BBL, going to take a bath.

@cupcakegirl76- Hey girls, what did I miss?

@Dandrdafne- Hey TC, what's new with you?

- Hubby just brought home some Wendys! Mmmm.

2 hrs later

@MrsP_Twibite- BRB, need more rum. Hey @17foreverlisa Did you see the pic Jen emailed?

@17foreverlisa- Is Jen in jail again? Did you see that pic she sent me?

@SoTwired- Nope I'm here Lisa, just grabbing more wine...What pic? I'm confused!

@Dangrdafne- Hey ladies! DML was fun. TSP just posted the final DML.

@SoTwired- Hey!

@JennyJerkface- Hey Twatwaffles, new post. Night @BillyBurk

@musingbella- Anyone still up?

@MrsP_Twibite- Hey MB, we're here. Jen & Lisa are durnk.

@SoTwired- Um no...I have only had 2 glasses, Mrs. P is DRUNK. LMAO!

@17foreverlisa-What did I miss? Twitter is being a bitch..FML!

@musingbella- Jen, I just got back from a winery with my hubby. What kind are you drinking?

@MrsP_Twibite @SoTwired- Who you calling a bitch?...bitch! PMSL!

@SoTwired- Um..what? Mrs. P, who the hell are you talking to? I'm confused again.

@MrsP_Twibite- You.

@17foreverlisa- My boxed wine is almost gone :( Jen, are you in jail AGAIN?

@MrsP_Twibite- Jen just DM'd me, she in jail *waves at Jen!*

@SnarkierThanYou- You whore-flaps still awake? New post....Billy Burk & JJ sitting in a tree.

*Ok, this was not a REAL conversation on twitter, but pretty damn close if I do say so myself. I know I left ALOT of ladies out. Please don't feel bad...I couldn't use too many names or I'd confuse the heck out of myself as usual!

Anyhoo, go follow @Elusive_S !!!

Maybe she'll come out of hiding every so often & join the fun! I'm not promising anything..
just sayin'...



  1. OMG, Jen!! That's hilarious. Hell, you wouldn't have had to say it wasn't a REAL conversation, either. It totally sounds like us – especially on Friday nights. The only thing you left out was a tweet from you telling us you'll be right back after you take a bath. LMAO!!

    Off to follow Elusive S right now. *waves at ES*


  2. @Lisa: Oh yah...damn I totally forgot that "BBL, going to take a bath!" LMAO! So true.

    xo J

  3. @Lisa: PS...I added it. Had to. Too good not to.

  4. LOL! This sooooo sounds like you ladies! Love it. I'm off to follow @Elusive_S right now!

  5. Aw yippee! I best finish my homework and get crackin on the post I started last night.

  6. Ah Jen, you and your confused ways on Twitter, that is the best time to lurk LOL!!! Great recreation of the tweets. Off to follow Elusive S, hope I can... she is pretty elusive, you know ;)

  7. Thank God you added that this wasn't an actual conversation. I was so confused, LOL! I was thinking, "Wait, I don't remember this..." LOL

    I'm off to follow your sista! (And not in a creepy way...)

  8. LOL Most twitted comment by Twired Jen is "Off to have a bath, BBL"!

    Always SO jealous, whenever I see this I am at work thinking damn that girl is always having baths and remembering the distant past BC (before children) when the bath was used for fun things like reading books with a glass of wine, having fun times with the hubby with candles & a glass of champagne. Now I look at the bath and think, Damn boys with their million and one toys and dirt and do I feel like cleaning the bath, digging out some candles etc etc.... usual answer is nah! then grab iphone, glass of wine, stretch out on the couch and read blogs and fanfic!

    LMFAO my verification word is whiner!!! so true...

  9. @edwardsisobel: Those w/v things are creepy mind readers.

    Yah, I have been so addicted to baths FOREVER. It's my comfort zone. I'm sure it wont be that way with kids..though I will beg my s/o to just take them for 20 min so I can have some peace and quite time amidst bubbles and a glass of wine.
    He knows how important they are to me now...let's hope he remembers then..
    xo J

  10. Oh god I could have sworn that was a real conversation. Always people going off having baths, pouring rum and coke, discussing twatwaffles and sending twitpics of peoples phobias. Good time ;) off to have my Wendys frosty. Welcome elusive S!

  11. I hate the bloody time difference, I'd love to drunk tweet with all you ho's :o(

  12. I'll admit that JJ had to drag me kicking and screaming to Twitter but now I luuuurv it! I wish everyone was on Twitter! Everyone SHOULD be on Twitter! Uh except for the people who I don't want to read all the naughty, drink-y, things I tweet... To those people: stay away!

    : )

  13. @ edwardsisobel - The other most twitted comment by Twired Jen? "I am so confused." LOL I love you Jen :)

    @twilightcupcake - Is that a real Wendy's frosty or the one shot version of a Wendy's frosty??? ;)

    @ Stan - I agree about hating the time difference. Although I am sure you can get some of my timers to start drinking earlier :) LOL

    @ STY - I also agree that I wish all our Twitardia peeps could be on Twitter. I am so glad you are there and JJ and well it could take awhile to list everyone. I do thank 17ForeverLisa for "forcing" me to join and Stan for all her help in figuring out how it all works. We are an awesome group of tweeters :)

    wv: picout - reminds me of MamaCougar and her love of the author Jodi Picoult :)

  14. Elusive S and I are now the bestest of friends. Um...why do I come off as a drunken rum pirate? Is that what you think of me? LOLOL---Wino.

  15. @Mrs. P: Great, you're ditching me for my Sis are ya? LMAO. Yah, I think you did that whole rum/can thing like once or twice right? DO IT AGAIN, it was fun!!!
    PS it's beer tonight. ;)


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