Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rollerblading, Edward & some junk in the trunk!

I work out (no applause necessary, but thanks!) Some weeks I go to the gym 3-4 times, some weeks once, maybe twice.... I try to average some sort of workout at least 3 x a week, be it the elliptical machine at the gym, a long walk, or rollerblading on the boardwalk or through Kensington, a beautiful neighborhood about 8 blocks from mine. Granted, part of me wishes I were more motivated. I'm sure if I was, I'd lose about 5lbs...which is what I'd like to lose. It's not that I don't feel really fantastic following a work out...I do! But the motivation to start is always a bit of a challenge. I like to say I workout so I can drink...LMAO!

I have a flat ass, not a fat ass.

Take today for example: I arrive home from work, change into my "yoga" pants and a t-shirt, and head out the door. I drive the 7 or so blocks East to get to Kensington. [You might be wondering why I don't roller-blade to Kensington, and incorporate that into my work out...well my friend...I live on the corner of "Gay, Ghetto & Eclectic" & I'd rather avoid the catcalls in route to my destination from the aforementioned] (I'll let you guess which part offers the cat, ghetto or eclectic?)

I google-image "rollerblading girl" & I'm blinded by this.
WTF?! Seriously? Did she hide a few toddlers in the back of those shorts?

Anyhoo, I swear this is leading up to Twi.....promise. When I roller-blade, I take off just my car key to carry with me. As you can imagine, the less stuff to hold on to, the better. As I blissfully began my ascent into the affluent neighborhood across the freeway, I looked down at my car key...which happened to be conveniently attached to this:

My fingers were delicately grasping if I was holding onto him for dear life. I then experienced a silent epiphany...

"It's like Edwards always with me...looking out for me..."

Then I laughed out loud at how ridiculous I was being...

As I continued on my roller-blade, I started thinking of Edward Cullen quotes that were seemingly related to my little epiphany...

"By the way, I'm not leaving you."

"Look after my heart, I've left it with you."

"You are my life now."

"Do I dazzle you?" (Um...fuck yah!)

-Edward Cullen

(minus the "um...fuck yah" part)

Needless to say, my mind began wandering...I was thinking much less about how much my legs were cramping, and a lot more about Edward Cullen. *Swoon*

Yes, I'm in love with a fictional vampire...Bite Me.

Oh, and have a I mentioned I kinda like this guy too?

"Like"...jk....I LUST this man like nobodies business.



  1. LMAO "I live on the corner of 'Gay, Ghetto & Eclectic'"---that's the first I've heard that! Your Edward thoughts make laugh because it's so something I (or anyone of us reading this) could have thought. I need to get a keychain.

  2. I have to admit, that when I'm NOT concentrating on NOT dying during 'hot yoga' (111 degree room, ugh!) I am thinking of Twilight-y how I'll need the stamina to keep up with a hot vamp boyfriend...or my favorite ff tattward!

    PS: I totally have that keychain too! XOXO

  3. @sft: he neighborhood is fact I love it. It's part yuppie, part gay, part crack house, part up-and-coming young professionals..lmao! PS...get a keychain! It's like carrying Edward with you everwhere. *sigh*

    @JeDeCe: I give you kuddos. I'm afraid to try hot yoga. Afraid I'll puke in front of ppl. Would you mind emailing me your thoughts on long you have done it...benefits etc...? I have asked other people and I seem to get mostly get this response, "Just try it!" ..when i'd like to know more before I "try it."

  4. Got your tweet, Jen. I'll send you my thoughts!

  5. I used to rollerblade, when I was young and HAWT. There's this place in Tacoma, WA called Ruston Way, I lived a couple blocks up from there and would blade there a lot. God, that's a great workout for the legs and ass. *sigh* And now I'm distracted by disrobing Rob again... :-p sorry I'm a little drunked

  6. Aaah..yes, the security of an Edward keychain is better than any security guard! The only reason I don't rollerblade anywhere is that I value my front teeth...there is a good chance of me falling and breaking them if I put myself on wheels.

  7. Oooh I want a key chain too!

    Maybe if you spray painted your roller blades with glitter - so they sparkled in the sun - you would be more motivated to work out?

    I know I would :)

  8. Isn't it funny how thinking about Edward/Rob can make anything better?

  9. @Leigh: Great idea!
    @TwitardedMom: So true, so true!

  10. It's ridiculous how much time I spend on Etsy looking at Twilight keychains. One day I'll finally order one! BTW I forgot to comment I'm amazed that you have the motivation to work out. I tried for like a day and gave up. I keep thinking if I got a treadmill and planted it in front of my TV, I'd actually get somewhere. (Although who knows, this is coming from someone who said she'd start the south beach diet 3 day ago.)

  11. Great job on the working out and for finding what motivates you - Edward :) Love it.


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