Friday, April 23, 2010

My 1st vid and shit...

SPOILER ALERT...I talk Eclipse trailer, as well as post it. Move on virgins...move on.

My 1st vid. Yes, quality is kinda with it. ;)

In case you have been living under a rock, or have your head up your's the Eclipse trailer. The one they should have shown, prior to Remember Me.....just sayin'.

Oh and PS...did you see these? New life sized cut outs?! I think Bella looks the best...and it's not just because I'm a KStew fan. In fact, I think they all turned out great...minus Edwards Volturi-ish eyes....

Hint: Click to enlarge...a bit.

I just watched the IMAX HQ vid I posted above & have decided to I change my rating.
I can do that. It's my blog.
I now give it a 7 out of 10. Not a 6. This vid was better than the one I watched this morning...maybe the quality, maybe the wine? LMAO.....just sayin'



  1. Good job on the video. It will make it easier to spot you in FFOORRKKSS now!! LOL!

    I love the Eclipse full size characters - they are pretty good.

  2. OOOOHHHH that trailer got me all giddy inside! I am gonna have to read the Saga again, while it rains this week. I am soooo counting down the days!

  3. You are so fucking cute! I agreed with almost everything you said (I know...shocker!!)

    New Moon was my favorite book. I also got chills when I saw the full official trailer for the first time!

    Eclipse is just going to be a diiferent beast all together. Pun fully intended. Everything from the action, to the wardrobe, to the script, to Bryce fucking Dallas-Howards buttfugly wig...everything is up for scrutiny.
    I don't really care, because I know I will see the movie in the theater at least 3 times regardless of how I feel about the makeup, or dialogue and shit like that!!

    Loved the vid! Did I tell you how damn cute you are?? I might have a new girl crush...*purrrrrrr*

    Hehe. ;)

  4. You are too funny @smartEpantz..girl crush? Totally blushing!
    @dangrdafne: I hope to ROB I can go to Forks. Hotel is booked....but financially...flight is not lookin' good right now. FML.
    @TigerlilyRose: Thought you were all Virginy and shit? What happened???

  5. Jen!!! Look at you and your video-ness!!!I loved should do one once a week. Honestly.

  6. LMAO! Really @Mrs.P???? Maybe.......
    xoxo J

  7. Once again - you are pretty girlie :) I haven't actually listened to your video because my kids are still awake and can hear me and I'm not sure what kind of stuff will come out of your mouth :) thanks for the life sized cutouts. I don't know. I still don't like the new Eclipse Edward. He just looks less "manly" is that crazy?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @TC: I agree...he does look "less" manly. Whatev' Yes I do drop the S bomb once or BEWARE.
    ;) Otherwise it's all rather innocent. xoxox J
    (i deleted above comment because I didn't pu @TC)

  10. Loved your video Jen! Very sweet to be thanking everything. It's so strange to hear blogger names spoken since they all remain in my head lol

    As for the trailer...I liked it. I've just resigned myself that Twilight was it for me. The rest can't touch it.

  11. @MissAmyJoon: Thank you. I think New Moon was soooo anticipated because everyone adored Twi...but Eclipse has even higher expectations to exceed...

    Enough analyzing....

    xo J

  12. Well, I wear like rose-colored glasses when it comes to Twilight. It's hard for me to not like something. Summit/David Slade would have to really screw up this movie for me to not be head-over-heals in love with I already am! I truly love love loved it. The newbies are scary/freaky, the Volturi are FIERCE, and there is action...lots of action. Eclipse (the book) was full of action and the movie would be a huge flop if it didn't have that, so I was pleased to see that. Can't wait for the big fight scene. One disappointment...the life size cutout of Edward. I was hoping and praying and wishing for "Black Sweater Eddie". I've been waiting since last year for a happier version of Edward. My current cutout, "tortured Eddie", stands and stares at me in my office and freaks me out a little bit. I guess I'll have to settle for "Jean Jacket White T-shirt Eddie".


  13. Awesome vid :) I get freaked out video skyping with my sister so I understand the nerves ("Not shooting porn, promise!" LMAO)

    ...and I just discovered I apparently wasn't officially following you!!! Just visiting from my bookmarks and our blogroll - so I'm now an official follower and can stand and be counted.

    Hope you can handle my hot Jacob pic in your follower list ;)

  14. @Tess: That's so awesome that you have cut out edward in your office! So jealous. Wish I could have one standing at the Concierge desk with me. That would be sweet! Might scare a few people. ;)

    Did you see my update btw? I upped my rating! When I re-watched the Imax trailer I got a bit more excited.

    xo J

  15. Thanks Raitz: I can definitely handle your Jake pic. To be honest, it's a super hot pic!
    Thanks for following ;)
    xo J

  16. Awesome video!!! And I'm not just saying that because you say all that nice stuff about us [thanks!!!] - lol! Very cute and made me a lil' misty...

    I have watched that trailer probably 20 times and while I fully intend to make fun of it at some point (I gotta be me...) I am still totally psyched to see the movie now! Honestly the trailer means nothing - you can make a great trailer from a stinker of a movie, so who the hell knows how it will turn out. But I'm optimistic. -ish.

    and we definitely NEED a third Edward standee to go with the other two - JJ, hope ML is ok with that! I think they might need their own room of something...

    : )

  17. Girl, you are ADORABLE!! I was watching your video and TH looked over at me like, "What's happening over there?" I said, "That's my friend Jen!" LOOOOOVE the video, I agree w/MrsP, you should do them more often. Too funny and cute, and I love the stealth involved: "I have 20 minutes until my boyfriend gets home..." It was like Mission:Impossible!

    This was actually the first time I'd seen the new trailer - I taped Oprah yesterday but hadn't watched yet, and I came to your site first, but here are my thoughts: it would be better if their wigs were better. Everyone looks like SHIT, and that makes it hard to be excited. And Jacob is fucking PUNY. He's supposed to be bigger than Edward! I want someone to redo all of his lines with a little chipmunk voice. He's going to lift Bella to carry her up the mountain and his ass will snap in half. Whatev. I'll still watch it a bunch more and the action looks amazing - I love the part where Alice(?) or someone vaults over the wolf.

    Only two more months and a week! Yay!

  18. JEN!! I cannot believe you didn't email me and tell me to get my ass over here. I still have the silliest grin on my face from watching your video and hearing you say, "Hi, Lisa." I agree with Mrs. P (as always). You should do this weekly. I cannot wait to meet you and ES in Forks! (I bought my plane ticket yesterday, so it's official!!!!!)



  19. @Lisa: I sooooo hope a miracle happens and I can afford to go to FORKS. Cross your fingers and toes. I am dying to meet you all in real life!

    As for the vid, thanks! I might consider doing it every other week...maybe? Not sure. Maybe ES can join me in the vid ventures next time.

    xoxo J

  20. "unless you are calling me a bitch, then that wouldn't be cool" Do you realize you had a whole Jessica Stanley New Moon thing going on when you said this? LOL! You are the twilight blog ambassador of goodwill, doubtful the b-word comes into play.

    Eclipse Edward looks a little off. He looks really skinny. I really like how the movie is going to bring the battle to life, gives me some real serious hope for a BD honeymoon brought to life!


    I love the video -- you have a great speaking voice, fwiw. You should definitely do more.

    I love, love, LOVE the wolves in the trailer. I want them as pets or something. Except they would probably eat my face while I was sleeping.

    Thank you for all the love you sent our way -- I may or may not have squealed a little.


    @SnarkierThanYou - ML can't complain if there is a 3rd Edward thrown in the mix. He's out-voted...

    Oh, and it takes some balls to make a video of yourself - I'm impressed. You did great.

  22. Jenn, I loved your video, I really did. After you went through a little of your past and how you got here, I totally just zoned in on your Eclipse comments. Great way to post.

    For me, I didn’t think the first trailer was anything special. I agree, it was too soon and really they just wanted to tease you.

    This trailer... BLEW ME OUT THE DOOR! I freaking loved it! I want a darker Eclipse, people are freaking dying in Seattle. BTW, where did all the wolves come from? I don’t remember. Is that every boy on the reservation?

    I loved the zombie feel to the newbies, I loved the coloring of the footage, I loved balls out fight and the unleashing of Jasper, I just loved it. I was not excited before, but now I’m pumped. I do like my horror films, so maybe I’m getting a hint of horror film with this trailer?

  23. @HG: Thanks! I am slowly getting more excited the more I watch it. So maybe I'll have to post another vid next week on my re-vamped pun intended. ;)
    xo J

  24. Hi Jenn!

    I found your site via Mama_Cougar's twitter feed. Loved your video.

    I think it can be said that at this point in the Saga, nothing is going to top the bouncing out of my chair level of excitement, at least that I had, of the trailer premier of New Moon at the MTV Movie Awards last year. It was like a perfect storm of anticipation plus the 3 leads at that show. Adding to it as well was that the trailer was very well done.

    The first Eclispe trailer did seem rushed to me but I still enjoyed it. This new trailer did get me excited again though not to that New Moon level.

    I am really looking forward to the Oprah Show on the 13th and if Summitt had any kind of savvy, they would make sure there was a new exclusive clip shown to get us even more worked up.

    Looking forward to you next video!

  25. @Rocky: Thanks so much for following us! Glad you enjoyed the vid. Come on by anytime!
    xoxo J

  26. fwiw = "for what it's worth."

    and you HAVE to come to FOOOOORRRRRKKS!!



  27. I am so late to the party, Jen, but I'm finally recovered from Friday night (thx for the Twitter fun...OMG, I was having 'too much fun', and fun = Jack, lol) and catching up on my reading.

    Your video is fantastic! I'm going on the record and voting for a weekly installment.

  28. @STY: Believe me I want to come to Forks like nobodies business. My room is booked, but I am too broke to buy a plane ticket. My Concierge Desk was outsourced last year, and I make a lot less $. I have been applying for jobs, but having no such luck. Let's pray for a miracle.
    xo J "fwiw" it. ;)

  29. Saw this one on Friday and posted it on my FB. So much better than the 1st clip released. LOVE IT! I love the way the characters look in these pictures better than any other movie. On Youtube there are several posting with pictures from the movie. Lots from the Meadow and from his bed! Looks awesome! Like they got it right! Edward is smiling in the movie!! Yay!

  30. i have no idea how i missed this post. great video jen- so glad you posted it. you're funny :-)

    i enjoyed the trailer- i loved the score. i'm only really mad at carlisle & jasper's wigs; rob's face paint(wth?); and the engagement ring. oh yea- carlisle accent? after the 2 movies he's a proper brit again?

    i digress. love the blog.

  31. BITCH! just kidding. You are too cute!


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