Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheers to Easter!

I didn't grow up in a religious household, & Easter isn't my favorite holiday (X-MAS!)
It's not that my parents didn't believe in God, it's just that they ( more specifically my Mom) encouraged us to believe in a higher power than ourselves. She wanted the "idea" of God, to be an open one. (so Mom, would it be ok to believe in Rob?)

My Mom attended the "Church of England" up until the age of 5, when she moved to America. And my Dads parents were Protestant, I believe. Neither one grew up attending Church with any regularity. Nor did we. My Mom did insist Elusive S & I say our prayers every night. While growing up, that's about as religious as our household got.

Of course we celebrate all the typical holidays, but what I specifically love, is that it's really an excuse for us all to get together to eat, drink & be merry. My family is small, but we sure do have a blast together. Unfortunately I work tomorrow (Easter Sunday) morning (such is life in the hotel biz), however I'm off by 1pm, and heading over to my parents house...which we affectionately call Hermosa. By 1:30pm, I'm guaranteed to have one of these in my hand...

I'm like Pavlov's dog...mouth already watering...

...and food on my plate. Doesn't look like the weather is going to be very sunny, which kind of sucks donkey balls because my parents back deck is mucho perfecto for sun-worshiping. Oh well, I'm sure E.S. & I will make the best of it...2 or 3 or 4 drinks in ;)

But before I bid you adieu', someone would like to...

....hop on over and wish you you a Happy Easter!

Now THAT could get me into Easter!

Wait a twi-minute...we couldn't let Rob have all the fun now could we?!

Elusive S

Twired Jen




  1. LOL - you girls look good as bunnies!

    I was the same way, without prayers - we always had a nice dinner on Easter, and my Mom liked dyeing eggs and stuff, but I didn't really understand the religious significance until I was older and saw other people celebrating and at church. My Mom's an atheist, so, you know...

    But I love chocolate, so that's how I celebrate now! Happy Easter, chickadee!

  2. We did all the normal stuff too...but lunch for us tomorrow...bread, cheese, mango chutney, salami, olives, hummus...all the yummy picnic-y stuff! Can't wait to eat. ;)

  3. Don't even get me started on churchy me. My Mom was a Wiccan and my Dad's side was very strict Irish Catholic.
    Like I said....

    I love family gatherings where everybody gets a little loose and just enjoys each other! Have Fun. :)

    I lurve candy!!!

    Chocolatey Kisses.

  4. Bad things always happen to me at Easter so I tend to hibernate until it's over. It never used to be this Easter my new fiance and I had plans for camping so of course on Friday he had a migraine, Sat off we went but the campsite was jampacked and it was pouring so off to the motel we went, Sun morning found beautiful campsite in the middle of nowhere, set everything up then fiance severed something major in his leg fucking around with a tomahawk - hour drive over dirt tracks to nearest hospital after the car (new of course) managed to get hit by an enormous kangaroo darting out at twilight in the bush(Im not kidding). Then after creepy limping midget doctor in tiny little scary hospital put 30 stitches in we went home. My marriage ended Good Friday 7 years later. My next long term partner decided over Easter that he had committment problems AFTER I moved to London to be with him (after he begged me).... This Easter I am hiding in my room with computer and reading fic - poking head out to check children haven't set fire to the house or something...

    Maybe I need to go to Church.....or fly over to Twired Jens parents house and help demolish those pretty drinks....

  5. @smartEpantz: Woah! Crazy shit.

    @Edwardsisobel: WOW. Hibernating while doing something Twi-related on a holiday sounds great to me! But if you were closer, you'd definitely be invited. It's always a good time, full of laughs & makin' fun of one of my Grandmas! lmao!

  6. I totally agree that holidays are a good excuse to get together with friends and family. I was just telling Lisa that I'm Buddhist but my family celebrates Christmas, more because its time for family (plus really good food!). I think it's important for people to believe in something greater than them, no matter what denomination they are. Having faith in something really helps put some things about life in perspective ;)

    On a side note, I get your job pains. A lot of my friends work in hospitality and NEVER get days off. Hope you're enjoying your cocktail by now!

  7. Thanks SFT...about an hour left...I'm really craving a Mimosa right now.

  8. My mother was strict Roman Catholic (practicing) and my father was Protestant (but never practiced). When they had my sister and then me though they decided together to not attend religious ceremonies unless we asked about it. If we went to my aunts though we always went to Christmas and/or Easter services. I only felt left out when in the summer on Sunday's all my friends would go to catechism classes or other religious things and I was left all alone with no one to play with but as an adult I appreciate not having been forced into a religion. I like a lot from all different types of religion and while I did join a church for a few years, I never felt it was strictly one religion there either. I know what the holidays are for and why people celebrate and I can appreciate it all but I have my own take on it all now and I love that.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!

  9. Cheers to Rob as a bunny... wait, beastiality? Does it count?


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