Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rob spotted in the Couve!

Ok, so I'm a whore for Rpattz news. I cant help it. F*ck creativity at the moment...The drought is OVER, and I just want you to share in the glory with me: Rob, in & sound. :)

Lovin' the crotch porn.

I bid you goodnight. Mom & I polished off 2 bottles of vino and moved onto Disaronno on ice. I have never had it's DELISH! However, not quite as delish as The Precious.



  1. Dangit girl, Blogger ate my comment. You beat me to the post tonight. I just posted about these photos and no offense intended about the "Couve" term ;) The restaurant that he ate at is yummy - I'll take you there if you come for a visit.

  2. What do you mean no offense intended about The Couve term..hmm maybe I need to read your blog. No offense will be taken no matter what. I used that term more to mock the people who use it, cause it sounds funny.
    xo J

  3. OMG I'm sorry too! No harm intended by it! I didn't mean you particularly - just the dumb paps! Sorry if I offended you hun xoxo Hope you'll forgive me ;)


  4. @TM: OMG, no offense taken! I was using it as my title to make fun of the term. I think it sounds silly ;)
    xoxo J


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