Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Precious, Vancouver bound? (yes)

*** see below for update!
Oh Rob, I have missed you so. Apparently these are pics of Rob leaving Heathrow airport on his way to Vancouver to film re-shoots for Eclipse. Guess who's also going to be there? Taylor...yes. Kristen...YES! Robsten reunited!

I don't "get" the puffy brown jacket...

*click for more pics/source

UPDATE: the eagle #2 has landed:

SQUEEEEE! (ya know I love the caption!)

That's it for today ladies. I'm a bit short on time with having to pack & move out for 3 days during termite tenting. I wont be without a computer :) I'm sure some more pics will surface sooner than later....and I cannot wait to see them!



  1. The drought is over! He looks so good...him and his guitar. Mmmmmm.

    Sorry you're having to move out to deal with termites! No fun! Hope they're gone soon.


  2. I don't "get" the jacket either, but it really brings out the brown in his scruff! ;)


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