Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Runaways review...sort of...(no REAL spoilers)

I have to preface this post by mentioning that I'm not a big movie buff, nor do I have any inkling on how to "review" a movie, and manage to sound somewhat eloquent at the same time.

I know Rob...bare with me...

So, Elusive S and I went to see The Runaways. It just came out nationwide last week and was playing at a local independent theater here in San Diego. I had never been to a movie at this particular theater, and was rather impressed. In fact, I could order a non-fat mocha from the concession stand! Score! Would have been even better if I could have ordered some alcohol...just sayin'.

Moving on to my "short, sweet & to the point review" of The Runaways....

1. I learned ALOT about The Runaways rise (and ultimate fall) to stardom from this movie alone.

2. Michael Shannon was hysterical. He plays the pompous, foul-mouthed genius who ultimately assisted in getting the band to where they needed to be...and then some. You love him & you hate him...and on a side note: he kinda looks like Frankenstein.

3. Dakota Fanning blew me away. She continually adapts to each character she portrays, and this was another prime example of her amazing talent. She can sing, she can dance...and she certainly had me wrapped up into her role as Cheri Currie. Seeing her sniff cocaine and dance like a whore made me feel a tad uncomfortable...I mean hello, this is the "little" girl from "I AM SAM."

4. Kristen Stewart rocked it. Not only was she believable, but the girl can sing! Most of us have to come to learn by now that the stuttering, blinking and biting of her lower lip isn't a "Bella"'s unequivocally a Kristen "thing." We have all, um...uh...err...twitch...blink blink....seen it ourselves in Twilight. But in The Runaways, there isn't much of that, if at all. And, I think I might have developed a crush on her voice (sorry Mrs. P, I had a crush on your voice, but I have moved on...)

Elusive S & I are convinced that KStew was so wrapped up in her role as Joan Jett, that she took it home with her. Meaning she immersed herself so deeply within the role that I think people began to think she was a bitch. Granted KStew has a definite edge...but I honestly don't believe she's a bitch. She's always seems very gracious of her fans. No?

Anyhoo, here are some "straight girl crush-inducing" outtakes from Flaunt Magazine...I'm sure most of you have seen all of her pics from the movie I'll spare you the screen caps.

Hot damn.

Naughty trailer trash.

I noticed on twitter that quite a few ladies were questioning the trailer/motorhome (?) that apparently this photo shoot seems to take place in...

I LIKE IT. I think it's kinda dirrrty & kinda sexy at the same time. Again, just sayin'.

"What do you think of that photo shoot Rob?"


*PS...blogger is being a royal cum stain and wont allow me to re-adjust the size of the font for my "review"...F*CK YOU BLOGGER.



  1. happy friday

    this is the funniest caption "Naughty trailer trash." LOL!

  2. Great review. I want to see it but the one theater it came to on Wednesday already doesn't have it today - harumph!

    I love those pics of Kristen too!

  3. wow, you have been busy posting. I swear this is the last thing I'll do before sleeping. I agree that after seeing Into the Wild I totally have a crush on her voice. Her duet with the lead singer is too sweet. I love the photo shoot too and the trailer home reminds me of Into the Wild again. Her Interview magazine cover is still the wallpaper for my iphone - note - it's not a Rob pic as my wallpaper or even Robsten ;)

  4. Great review, Jen. Kristen definitely has a sexy speaking voice. No baseball games until the weekend, so I hope to get there during the week. Can't wait!



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