Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Dad vs. Twilight

As you may have seen from my last post, Elusive S & I went to a Padres baseball game with our Dad on Saturday night. He bought the tix, & treated us to was super fun! In fact here are a few pics.

I had to put this one first...of course.

Tony Gwynn Jr. up to bat!

Elusive S & Me!

...with Dad!

Seeing as we were drinking (duh) I had planned to stay overnight at my parents house. In the excitement of planning what we'd drink/do when we got home, the idea of watching Twilight came up. Now I must tell you, my Dad had seen bits and pieces of Twilight during our New Moon slumber party back in November...but he'd never seen it all the way through. And since he'd expressed interest in watching New Moon, we told him he had to watch Twi completely before he even thought of seeing NM. Truth be told, my Dad has always kind of liked chick flicks, so it comes as not much of a surprise that he agreed to subject himself to the likes of Edward Cullen.


Once we got home (thx to our Mom) my Dad actually made some mention of being excited to watch Twi, but weary of Elusive S & I having to sit through it again. I was you serious? I told him I could watch Twi on repeat 24/ not to worry.

*On a side note, I must mention that we prepped him. We figured that he'd NEVER read the books, so we wanted him to know all the "little" things you know from reading Twilight. The things that make watching it so much better.

Had to give him the "scoop" on the Cullens.

I kept expecting to see my Dad snoring...but he actually watched the ENTIRE movie with his eyes wide open! I really cannot believe he didn't fall asleep, especially after pouring himself a CC & 7. Halfway through he looked at ES & I and asked,

"I thought there were wolves in this movie?"

(in unison)
"NO DAD ...that's the next one, New Moon!"

"Oh....when can we watch that one? And when does Eclipse come out again?"

YES! He's hooked!

As we were all getting ready for bed (err...couch) I smiled smugly & thought to myself...

My Dad was totally TWIRED throughout the entire movie!

Oh. My. Gawd.

My Dad likes Twilight.

He's not my Dad anymore, he's my TWAD!



  1. ooh! What an awesome story...what a great dad! I actually was telling my dad about FOORKS and he was a little excited...and when i showed him my signed AVI he was tickled!! Will I ever get him to watch the movie? Maybe not...but it still felt good.

  2. @Mrs. P: Awww. Premature blogulation again fyi...had to go back an add a word. Damnit. Dad is a surfer by nature, golfer by practice and total CHICK FLICK lover in his spare time! LMAO!

  3. OMG Twired Jen you have such a cool TwiDaddy! My Dad has not watched a movie ever - he will only watch the news, cricket, football and documentaries...although when my kids were wee little toddlers he did watch an episode of Mr Bean with them - they were so cute - my Dad is 6'4 holding a toddler on each knee and laughing their heads off.

    My teenage son's watched New Moon with me on Sunday afternoon (we only got it in Aus late last week) - they had already seen Twilight...definately think the 15yo has a thing for Kristen.

  4. Awww, you're 15yo might have a crush on "Bella!"

  5. A baseball game with your dad and sister AND you got him to watch Twilight with you? Priceless!!


    P.S.: Daddy Twired is good looking ;)

  6. Go Twad Go! That is awesome that your dad is into twilight now. Very cool. I was very freaked out today when I gave my dad my iPhone today to play a game and came back seeing him scan through my pages of twi-mobile blog icons. He theoretically doesn't know I have a blog so phew that he wouldn't realize I am/know all the crazies that write those things :)

  7. Saweeeeet!!! I am jealous.
    Your Twad sounds awesome!

    You and ES are so goddamn cute!


  8. absolutely love the new name you have for the twi father - the twad - hhahhaha and giggle - and PS: you kids look great at the game

  9. I love this. Your family is so close, it's very sweet. Yay Twad!!

  10. Awesome post but you made me cry. Oh how I miss my Dad. He definitely would have watched the movies with me and he would have loved them, too. He would have loved all the blogs and that I started my own. He would have wanted to come to FFOORRKKSS to see all the crazies and he would have had fun. I am so glad you have such an amazing Twad and I am so glad you are close to him too. Hugs all around!

    You are a great looking family! Thank you for sharing.

  11. That's the cutest thing! Your dad loves Twilight! Twad...LOL. Love the pics!

  12. @Dangrdafne - (((GROUP HUG)))


  13. @Lisa: Ewwww gross...LMAO just kidding.

  14. @Dandrdafne: I actually thought of you while doing this post. I remember your post on your Dad and how he was open minded and would have watched Twilight with you and appreciated your love of it.
    xo Cheers to your Dad!

  15. @Lisa - Thank you for the hugs.

    @Jen - Thank you for the cheers to my Dad. It was nice to think of him today.

  16. Loved the story about your Twad. Don't think mine would ever, ever watch Twilight. The only kind of movies he sees are the ones his wife drags him to. She reads constantly, but I can't get her to pick up Twilight.

  17. "The family that watches Twilight together, stays together." That's my motto!

    LOL, oh yeh, he's hooked! Hoping for Twad observations in a future post!

  18. wow what's wrong with my face in the one of the two of us? G-ross.

    Twearl, our Twad...baha

  19. @ES: Nothing is wrong with ur face?!? Funny how we can see pics of ourselves and think they are strange, yet everyone else seems to think they're good.

  20. Aww that is so cute! Me and my mom make fun of the fact my dad watches romantic comedies, and I know must have secretly watched Twilight when he got me the dvd. He said he didn't get it. I think he's just jealous of Edward lol.

    I don't know what it is but whenever I hear/see guys drawn to Twilight I want to know why. Yesterday I saw a good looking guy reading New Moon on the subway platform. I actually made my way towards him to make a comment about that, but then he got on another train. This is what Twilight does-- makes me think it's okay to go up to complete strangers, ready to interrogate them!

    ps You and your sister look so alike! Cute!

  21. @sparkle for twilight: You think Elusive S & I look alike? Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.

    I haven't seen anyone reading a Twi book in soooo long! It might be a good thing, because otherwise I would totally have to talk to anyone I saw with one of "the books." I have yet to ever see a man read one, but I would absolutely have to know WHY/WHAT spawned their interest.

    xo J


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