Thursday, April 1, 2010

This trumps my last post...

Sometimes something comes along that is just too good not to post. Know what I mean? So if you're curious what my post was this morning, scroll down my friend. Otherwise, here are some pics that are bound to get your lady bits a quiverin'....


If you don't have Jacksonitis...exposing yourself to these pics might be a risk...

A risk worth taking :)

*I AM DEAD* (wait till Elusive S. sees these!)

M.O.S....nuff' said.

Hey there boys.
Jared, Uncle Larry, Ben G. Jackson & Ben J.
(lost the stache & grew the hair eh BJ? Lookin' good!)

The boys are currently touring with their band 100 Monkeys in FL...if you're in the area, check em' out! And check future tour dates. They totally rock live!

* Pics from


  1. Gaaaah! How does this man get more beautiful with each pic? Thanks for posting these!


  2. He looks so much better in person than he does in the Twilight movies. Why do they insist on uglyfing him?

  3. That first pic, ummmm wow! That might be the best picture I've ever seen of him. I gotta go now, I don't want to be catching Jacksonitis for the holiday weekend.

  4. @TongueTwied: You should see some of the concert photos i have of him on my facebook!

  5. As I've been catching up on your posts, I've noticed you're very vocal about your pro-Jacksonness lol

  6. Um..hello! LMAO...Elusive S is a BIT more obsessed than me...BUT I come in at a close second. Esp after seeing him live so many times, and meeting him...he's a doll.

    So you said you got to meet Ash Green?!? Love her...Where and when? How was it?

  7. I will admit I haven't heard any of his band's music, I'll have to youtube it asap. I met Ashley super randomly at the VMAs! The quick version is that I went to be an "extra" in Taylor Swift's performance, one bizarre thing after another and I found myself with my bestie on the red carpet area and Ashley was standing the whole time about 3 feet behind me so I finally just turned around to say hi instead of being weird and keep turning around to look at her. I all of a sudden became SO nervous, I have no idea why. It's not because she's famous, that's whatever, but because it was ALICE!

  8. @SFT (faster than sparkle for twi) That is awesome...I would be a lil nervous cause she's a celeb..but I do have to agree with you on the Alice thing...I'd probably be thinking...OMG, it's Alice...omg, "I NEED TO BE HER BFF! Will she like me? OMG!"

    As for Jackson..if you go to for Viper Room Junkie 100 Monkeys...In fact, if you give me your email, I can send it to you. The girls behind us took a vid of him singing and it's pretty great. Email me at

  9. Can you email me the video too, please?

    OH Eff me, here's hoping chocolate Easter candy can cure any symptoms of Jacksonitis before anything gets too out of hand.

  10. HOLYHELLIAMGOINGTOPASSOUT. Jackson is rocking my favorite Jackson look again... long pulled back hair. I could die now. Thanks sis.

    PS I will spend the rest of my night catching up on East Coast Monkey business.. omg I might scream though... like when I was watching Dread... oh god.

  11. Emailing! I posted more indepthly about meeting her on my blog back in September I believe. It's definitely like you said, it's becase she plays Alice. She was just waiting around, chatting with the two girls accompanying her for the two hours I was standing there. No one seemed to be paying her much even attention and a couple girls didn't even know who she was--granted one of those girls didn't even watch Twilight, so I overhead. I didn't want to say anything at first, but I KNEW I would regret it if I didn't at least turn around and tell Ashley like, hi, I know who you are and I love you in Twilight!

  12. The MOS is looking mighty fine :)

    @SFT (that's what we call her, too, Jen) - That's awesome that you got to meet Ashley, but I'm still reeling from the fact that you were on the red carpet at the freaking VMAs. So were you actually an extra for Taylor Swift's performance? Was that the one that was filmed outside, on the bus, etc.? The same night that Kanye West went all mental on stage? Send me the link to the right blog post so that I can read about it, girlie!

  13. Damn you Jackson pusher!!!!
    Like I need more lusty thoughts rolling around in my filthy mind...gah.
    I'll be checking your FB. Don't mention it to Rob kay? He gets jealous... ;)


  14. love you- stalking jackson...
    ok- i just bought tix to see 100 monkey's in DC next week.
    i'm so SQUEE!!! i even talked a non-twitard into coming with me (she has no idea what she's getting herself into)
    thanks sooo mcu.

  15. Those are really great pics of Jackson. He looks really good, so much better than when he is Jasper. Thanks for sharing.


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