Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shake, Rattle & Roll!

This is what came up when I google imaged "Robert Pattinson & Earthquake."

Pretty much an earthquake in your panties ;)

A 7.2 earthquake, centered near Guadalupe Mexico rattled San Diego county was even felt up North in Los Angeles. Elusive S & I were sitting out on my parents back deck (on stilts above the back yard) enjoying our various adult beverages, and laughing the afternoon away. All of a sudden, Not So Twired Mom tells the doggies to stop scratching underneath the table, then asks us if we're shaking it...Slowly it begins to dawn on us simultaneously....

Say it! Out loud....

VAMPIRE...errr....blink...twitch...blink, blink....I mean....


My Dad comes out to the deck & tells us to come inside...or at least get off of the deck. You should have seen us! We were all talking at once...

Dad: "Get in the door frame!"

Jen: "Dad, that is so 1985. We have to get near a coffee table, or something heavy to break the fall of falling things!"

Dad: "Go out front..."

Sista' (aka Elusive S): "Dad, the front door is glass! Not a good idea!"

Mom: "Everyone, stop talking!"

Jen: "I like Twilight....." jk

Rumbling STOPS. We all look around...some laughing, some wide eyed. Dad's on the computer immediately checking out the National Earthquake-something-rather website...(like father, like daughter!)

Me & Elusive S. *pre earthquake*

Needless to say, we're all fine. My Dad later discovered a hairline crack in their sun-room, and I came home to a broken picture frame & a scurrred kitty cat. Just now, the tv shook a bit and the kitty grabbed the carpet with his claws...minor after shock...I kid you not.

On another note (and I promise it ties into the whole earthquake thing) Mrs. P from Twibite & C.C. from Confessions of a Cullenary Curser (luv u two!) affectionately like to poke fun at the fact that I'm always interested in where other bloggy ladies are from. Is it part nosiness? Yes...a tad. But mostly it's because I enjoy geography and tend to associate people with where they're from. a way to remember them if you will.

Anyhoo, after the recent Chilean earthquake, a Tsunami threat was looming over the Pacific coast, more specifically...Hawaii. Who was the first person I thought of? Honolulu Girl from True Blood Twilight! While watching news coverage of the mid-west & east coast getting pummeled by winter storms...I immediately thought of Lisa from 17foreverlisa & LKW, among many others. When the Olympics were taking place in Vancouver, I often thought of Twilightcupcake from Twilight, Travel & Treats. When the RM premiere was announced for NYC, who were the first girls I thought about? JJ & STY from Twitarded & of course Mrs. P! I think of my bloggie besties a lot in RL.

Today I retunred home to an email from LKW...she'd heard about the quake & wanted to see if Elusive S & I were ok. Though we're all a bunch of crazy-twitarded-biotches, we're also a very caring community of friends. And, without getting all f*cking sappy on warmed my heart. There...nuff' of that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We puffy heart you all!



  1. Awww. I'm glad you guys were okay - that's a pretty major earthquake!

  2. So glad to hear you guys and the family are all ok. Hope there are no more aftershocks. Scary!

  3. SCARY! mr. snarky has felt an earthquake but i can't even imagine... SO glad you are all ok (even your kitty - must have been so scary for kitty!

  4. Thanks gals. Alls good in the Twired Sista' hood! cheesy ;)

    @STY...Jake (cat) is super freaked. He's all wigged out...wont get up on couch as usual, keeps looking around, stays low to the ground. Cats are much smarter than us though (i think) makes sense. He's being cautious.

    We put a flashlight by our bed just in case their is another big one...

  5. OMG you guys! I'm so glad everyone is ok and it wasn't worse. I was out of the loop all day yesterday. I didn't hear about the quake until talking with a guy friend of mine who's at Camp Pendleton in the USMC.
    I f*ing HATE earthquakes! We've had enough of them up here in western WA and it's the most unnerving, disconcerting, frightening thing in the world to me. I usually feel like a freaked out cat for weeks after.
    Aaaah! Must calm down...look at pic of Rob...*sigh* oh yes, that's better.

  6. I like knowing where everyone is too and actually for cases just like this. Although I never had to worry about some places personally, now I have to think about Serbia, Australia, the UK, etc. Worldwide worry now :) but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am glad to do it. I am also very glad you are all ok out there. Hugs to your cat, Jake.

  7. Wow. I didn't even know there was an earthquake for me so I could worry about you two :( That's how narrowed my world has become because of this Robsanity.

    Great picture of you and Sarah, but I thought you said you were wearing stilts. *snickers*

    Glad everyone's okay, including your kitty (need to get my mind out of the gutter).



    P.S.: Love the pic of Rob that came up with your Google search :)

  8. Earthquakes scare the shit out of me so I'm glad we don't get them in the northeast. Well... we do get them, but they're so puny, no one ever notices... until the news reports it and then some redneck will be all like, "I totally felt that." Liar.

    When I heard San Diego and earthquake, I immediately had to make sure my west coast bitches were ok!! Duh! Glad you are!

  9. I'd shit my pants.....for real! Glad you're ok.

    The news said the earthquake could be felt all the way to Phoenix but I didn't feel anything. Poop-pants averted.

  10. wow I wish I had read this sooner. I had friends and business associates email me today that were like, "Oh yeah and by the way we're all okay." Huh? I had no clue. Never turned the news on Easter Sunday.

    well glad you guys are okay.

    Jen: "I like Twilight..."
    TT: "Me too! What if just the reservation was destroyed by an earthquake in Twilight?"


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