Monday, April 12, 2010 that you?

I check multiple times a day, as if that comes as any surprise. Today, I find an "Eclipse Wallpaper" post. Excitedly I scroll down, anticipating some kick ass options for my lap top backgroud, and this is what I find...

Ok, so far so good...until I look in the upper left hand corner of the page. Immediately I think to myself
( I swear this happened) WTF is Cher doing on an Eclipse poster? Oh, (akward silence) it's Victoria...err...Bryce Dallas Howard. Seriously people, take a look at the comparison...



Um, is it just me, or is the resemblance uncanny? Don't get me wrong. I don't have a beef with Bryce Dallas Howard...per-se, she is a beautiful girl! But I'm definitely partial to Rachelle Lefevre's beauty...just personal preference.

BDH & Rachelle LeFevre

...and Rachelle totally kicked ass as Victoria...just sayin'.

Hot & dangerous.

I know it's not fair to judge until actually seeing Eclipse, but I'm definitely skeptical. What are your thoughts on BDH taking over as Victoria? Tell me in the comments!

***FYI: Blogger is being a biotch tonight...I change particular text to small and it makes the rest of the text I try and make it normal...and it doesn't change. So then I have to make it extra large to appear normal. Slight differential in text size now showing up on blog. Can't fix it. FML



  1. I like Bryce but Rachelle has the cat like features that I like in Victoria.

    I totally agree that the moon picture looks like Cher - how odd and eerie.

  2. I don't have anything against Bryce in general. She has been pretty good in other movies. However, changing Victoria after New Moon seems very wrong. Rachelle did a great job as Victoria. The fans loved her & she was great with the fans. There was absolutely no reason other than Daddy's Money to kick her out and give someone else the role.

  3. LOL that totally looks like Cher. If BDH breaks out in a rendition of "Half-Breed" in Eclipse I'll shit my knickers.

    I personally think it's jacked up that they replaced Rachelle. BDH is just doing her job so I don't blame her.

  4. Oh geez...who the hell made that? That is terrible...

  5. Ladies, I'm with you. Bryce is a great actress, but I don't think anyone could embody the role of Victoria like Rachelle. She was perfect in looks & attitude!
    And, whoa. That could totally be Cher! Creepy in its own way, no?

  6. Too funny! It will take a while to get used to her as Victoria and I don't know if I ever will. She was great in NM but I'm glad they cut the deleted scene as she wasn't as good in it - yeah for editing.

  7. LMAO - Cher!!! That's too funny.

    I think it's BS that Rachelle got the boot, especially since Eclipse is Victoria's big moment. I'm sure BDH will be fine (I have no beef with her, either, per se), but she's *not* Victoria. Team Rachelle!

  8. OMG...I wonder if "I Got You Babe" will be on the Eclipse Soundtrack?

  9. NOT happy with BDH taking over the role of Victoria!! It's the only part I'm dreading in Eclipse. I'm so freaking excited about the next movie, but the few parts I've seen with Bryce as Victoria make me cringe! Rachele did such a beautiful job with the character and she IS my Victoria. I'm glad she'll be killed off and we won't have to worry about it after Eclipse.

    AND OMG! She totally looks like Cher in that wallpaper...UGH! I hate that!

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    Trixie and Tess

  10. OMG it is CHER! that was so spot on.
    yes, nothing against BDH, but i also prefer Rachelle.

    @twilightcupcake thankfully we don't have to get used to her...

    @mama cougar LOL!

    @Trixie and Tess can you please post your blog link?

  11. LOL!! I wouldn't have thought that, but now that you mention it, that's a great comparison. I should have realized that when I made the wallpaper in the first place ;)

    It's going to be SO weird not having Rachelle in Eclipse. I loved her in media junket interviews, too. Did I read somewhere that she's going to be in a TV series this fall? Maybe it was Cher.


  12. Did you seriously make that wallpaper? Cause if so, Mrs. P was making fun of your ass!

  13. Mrs. P is always making fun of me and you are running a close second, Jen!

    As we just discussed on Gmail chat, no, I did not make that wallpaper. Thus the "wink" at the end of my comment.



  14. Is it time for another Cher comeback?

    "Do you Believe in life after Twilight?"

  15. This is what I wonder, is that BDH's real hair? I'm really disappointed they replaced Rachelle with her. Nothing against her, but Rachelle IS Victoria. And whenever I watch the Eclipse trailer and they show New Victoria in her slow-mo closeup, I suddenly think I'm watching a spoof. A spoof where New Victoria is wearing a huge poodle wig. PS I have NOT been to I'm going to do what I did last time which is avoid watching any clips of the movie. Trailers and pics are okay, but no sneak peek clips!!!!! (the extra exclamations are to make myself believe in what I'm abstaining from).

  16. I hate her as Victoria. I don't think she is a bad actress, but she is not "Victoria". Rachelle had all the right features and took on the role of looking catty but beautiful at the same time (also a bit mysterious) just like the book describes. I just prefer Rachelle and I don't think they should have switched characters especially after how much we seen of Rachelle already and now in Eclipse (Victoria's big role) we have to get used to a whole new character. It's not far to the fans. My fiance is equally annoyed as Victoria is one of his favorite characters and he loved her and thought she was beautiful (Rachelle that is) and he was the one to inform me that there was a new Victoria. I didn't beleive him at first (I always think I know everything Twi related before him), but he was right unfortunately.

  17. What the hell? That's a horrible poster. Who made that btw? I swear, if I see Edward wearing that suit in Eclipse, I'm gonna chew through the screen.

    And, yes, Bryce does look like Cher in that poster. Serious FAIL! While I though she was super beautiful in Lady in the Water, I'm still lamenting the loss of Rachelle. She embodied Victoria like I highly doubt anyone ever would or will.


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