Sunday, April 18, 2010

News Flash: KStew @ Coachella!

Rumors were flying around twitter this weekend that our dear KStew was at the Coachella music festival w/ her brother. Here she is!

@ The Lacoste Pool Party...where's your bikini KStew? jk. I love ya just the way you are.

So adorable.

And who else decided to rock out at Coachella???

Kellan Lutz!

Wow. So. Hawt.


Wow Kellan. Thanks for the dose of serious hawtness. Lovin' the shirt. Lovin' the arms coming out of the shirt even more.

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  1. Check your email. Nows not laters! Forgets Kellan. You'll see!

    v/w nipholer ROFL you can't make this stuff up

  2. I don't care one way or the other about KStew. Thanks for the Kellan pics. I'm a total Lutz sluts. Damn fingers down't want to type right after toooo much wine. Gotta type everything twice just to get it right.

  3. I wonder if Kellan got the t-shirt at Heff's birthday party...tee hee.

  4. I'm not feeling Kristen's trucker vibe for the party, but it is nice seeing her smile :)

  5. @TwitardedMom: I'm so jealous of your wine right now. I'm still at work. Blah.

    @Mrs. P: LMAO! Maybe.....

    @Lisa: Me neither. Wonder if she was trying to go incognito? Not like she could if she tried.


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