Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twilighted indeed.

Oooh looky here! According to Eclipsemovie.org, KStew is supposedly leaving LAX for Vancouver to do some re-shoots for Eclipse. Do you hear that Twilightcupcake!? Do you hear me?! OMG. Seriously, I expect you to leave that fancy career of yours & hunt that girl down...in a very non-stalkerish sort of way of course. ;)

Looking happy as ever!
Hey, I'm not knocking the Stew, I'd look that way too.

Taylor was also spotted departing LAX today..presumably to fly to Vancity as well. But I'm too lazy to put those pics up (not). Trust me, he looks like someone kicked him in the face. Sorry Raitz. OK OK OK, fine. Here are the pics. Gotta keep the masses happy right?!

UPDATE: the eagle has landed...& is HAPPY!

Just wanna pinch those cheekers!!!
I did not get permission...let's see what happens.
Um...but they're tagged. Isn't it obvious they aren't mine....? Credit is already given in tag.

Moving on....

Ok, so most of you know that I am not really into Fan Fiction *GASP!* I just don't enjoy imagining Edward Cullen as some Nam vet meeting Bella who has suddenly turned into some Vietnamese Princess. Freaky. I don't care how much dirrrty f*cking they do. I like ff that relates to the real Twi-Saga....such as The Untitled Continuation of the Twilight Saga, it takes place 6 years after Bella has become a vampire. I LOVED it. Or First Light, which is Breaking Dawn from Edwards POV. I believe TC recommended that one. It rocked.

GUESS WHAT FOLKS, I have a new addiction! ROBSTEN FF!!! Yup. I know, some of you "Nonestens" are probably rolling your eyes to the point of physical pain...and that's ok. To each her own, right? I had asked my bloggy buddies on twitter if anyone knew where I could read more of "Robsten POV stuff." Along time ago someone had posted some cool short fics...thinking maybe it was Twitarded or Twibite...can't remember. Sorry. Anyhoo, Musing Bella I think (my memory wasn't so great this night) told me there were a few on Twilighted. Much to my utter giddyness, there was more than "a few!" I found one last night at work and ended up finishing all 12 chapters, only to realize it wasn't completed.... I was soooo bummed. Luckily the gal posted another chapter today, hooray!

Granted you have to be a Robsten fan to be remotely interested in reading these...and seeing as I give a giant crapsten, I'm addicted... officially as of yesterday.

Much better.

For any of you that are interested in looking up a few titles on Twilighted, here they are: "Unscripted" (the auther has published 13 chapters thus far) & "Fighting Robsten," which is very interesting....I'm only a few chapters in. Unscripted starts out with Rob getting a call from his agent, saying Catherine Hardwicke wants to meet with him in LA regarding the role of Edward Cullen...it then progresses to him flying out there and rehearsing with Kristen in Catherine's bedroom. It seemingly follows everything we have heard about their first audition, at least from what CH has publicly stated. As for Fighting Robsten...I'll just say it has something to do with Summit prompting the illusion of a relationship...and what happens because of it...

Before I go, I have to ask...and I know you're going to laugh...

What ares ff lemon? Like when they say this one is full of lemons???

Alright, I'm off to take a bath (insert LOL from Lisa & Mrs. P & TC)

Oh wait, SHOUT OUT to one of my bloggy besties and fellow Robsten LOVERS...Lisa! xoxo


PS...I'm off for 4 days! Ok...3 really, but I only go into work for 5 hrs. on Friday. Our condo is being termite tented, and we're moving in my my parents house for 3 nights. This may seem like someones nightmare, but for me, it's tons of fun. I'm very close with my family and it will be just like a mini-vacay for me....15 min from my own home. Plus Elusive S happens to live there at the moment...so you might be seeing a vid from the two of us soon. :) Also, Twad wants to watch NM tomorrow night!!!



  1. Lemons = smut. Have you read The List. It is pre Breaking Dawn & Bella is trying to see how much she can get Edward to bend his rule of no sex before marriage.

  2. don't forget you don't have to stare at his face to enjoy looking at Taycob... mmm...

    I'm actually STILL a fanfic virgin - maybe I'll start with some short fic and work my way up!

    thanks for the pimp ;)


  3. @TM: Thanks! I'll have to check The List out. Love recommendations that fit my interest. *Muah*

    @Raitz: You know I love ya. Thanks for being a good sport. I think Taycob is adorable...omg, did I just say that... out loud??

  4. @Twired---the List is AWESOME. You MUST check it out!

  5. YES, read The List. It was my first fan fic I ever read. *sigh*

    It *was* me who told you to check out Twilighted! Yay! I thought I'd seen some stuff around there (I find them easier to browse than fanfiction.net), although I haven't read any myself yet (you've seen my list of currently reading, I'm a little busy!). I'm glad you found some you like!!

  6. *waves at Jen* Thanks for the email earlier today about the Robsten ff. Ever since I read my first Rob POV story, nothing else seems to stack up. RL is kicking me in the ass right now, but I can't wait to check these out.



  7. @lisa...xoxoxo...I hear ya on the RL thing. My Gma was in the hospital last night...long story, she's home now..and doing ok. My parents dog (aka my old doggie, not to be confused with my Sista's sick dog.) was sick, she's ok now. AND I had a nasty virus on my computer. All is resolved. Thank gawd!
    PS and yes..check em' out when you get some down time...they are sooooo addicting. Even sista' was freaking out.

  8. Now I'm really curious what they are reshooting and if it will be obvious in the movie. Face punch?

    Too bad Bella wasn't wearing that HUGE ring when she did the face punch. That might have hurt!

    When you get to the point of a FF story where you can't decide whether to keep reading or run and wake up NSTboyfriend you'll have hit a lemon! ;) Enjoy!


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