Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday #2...(UPDATED)

***UPDATE: Gossip Cop busts "some" of the Eclipse re-shoot rumors. Love Gossip Cop, and I immediately feel a bit more relieved. Read the update

*Don't forget to scroll down and see the Kellan photos!

This might be a 3 post's post #2...and I'm not liking it. It's from "Lainey Gossip" and states that parts of Eclipse might need to be re-shot. FML! The movie is coming out in just over 2 mos!

"Eclipse opens in June. But the film isn’t ready yet.... Multiple sources have confirmed to me that some key scenes need to be reshot including footage between “Bella” and “Edward” in the meadow and a few fight sequences. They’ve been waiting for weeks to confirm dates but have had to work around Robert Pattinson’s schedule. Originally they needed 7 days but now, due to his other commitments, it’s been proposed that they work for 3 days with the crew putting in 18 hours each day. This should happen in Vancouver in the new few weeks. What’s more interesting is WHO would actually direct the reshoot. David Slade is the director for Eclipse. But I’m told that apparently David Slade’s relationship with Summit has been... not great. Creative differences. At one point things had supposedly deteriorated to the point that they were actually considering hiring someone else to reshoot in Vancouver. Some of the names tossed around? Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke. Hardwicke is in Vancouver working on another new film to go in the summer. They’re looking at delaying that project and Hardwicke has been spotted undercover checking out studio and location space for the Eclipse reshoot. Having said that, Slade and Summit are now communicating on better terms. And there is still a good possibility he could come back to Vancouver to complete his film. As of Monday, no final decision about a director had been made. Will keep you posted."

Ok, this makes me extremely nervous. I'm not knocking them for recognizing that some things may need to be re-shot, but at the same time, why was it not good enough to begin with?! This could just be a nasty rumor...crosses fingers!

....Moving on...I need a pick me up. Kellan Lutz normally doesn't "Do It" for me...but these new Interview Magazine pics are f*ck hawt. Enjoy. See more KLutz pics here.

Need some help there Kellan? No? Ok then, I'll just watch.


And in case
you missed the yummy new Rob vid I posted this morning from petitbiel, check it out below this post. Or click here for instant access ;)

*Let me know what you think of the "rumored" Eclipse re-shoot in the comments. Say it, OUT LOUD!



  1. Let's just hope that a role of film accidentally fell in a puddle...and not that it sucked so bad that they needed a reshoot (because we all know there were plenty things that should have been reshot in the previous movies and were it must of been BAD)
    Good luck dusting off the WIGS!!!

  2. It scares me that they're doing this so close to it's release! Why now...why are they just now deciding things need to be redone. Hopefully it's for the best and will make Eclipse a better movie but I'm nervous now...does that mean what they have is bad?? Guess we'll find out in June!

  3. @Mrs. P & LMSE:

    twilightcupcake better get some good pics if they return to Vancouver damnit!

    I'm just really nervous now. It kind of explains the shittiness of the first Eclipse trailer. I digress......

  4. My first thought was Twilightcupake will be so excited and she is very lucky! Then I thought that she could get a guitar signed by him now and it is good she didn't buy that one on ebay ;) Then I read your post and thought that if they do indeed reshoot things that it will make the movie better. I won't worry if the current one is bad, just maybe it isn't the best it could be. Yea, that is what I will go with now. Time will certainly tell what it all means.

  5. I am nonplussed by the reshoot rumblings. It's not all that uncommon, frankly...and in all honestly, Summit/Slade knew they would need them back in late Jan. when the suits viewed a rough cut. The news just happens to be hitting today.

    There's no reason to panic. The film will be fine. Trust the Mama.

    The Kellan pics?? Now that's something to get frenzied about! Fuckin' YUM!

  6. Thanks for the reassurance Mama did indeed make me feel better ;)
    You too Dandgrdafne!

  7. David Slade didn't think Jasper's hair was gay enough. He consulted with RuPaul and now Jasper's wig is just right. He now has a montage in the middle of the movie where he sings classic Broadway show tunes.

  8. @ Mox - ROFL!!!! I pray that is NOT true!! LMAO!!!!

  9. I said it on Facebook and I'll say it here, I just hope they put the right wigs on everyone! Can you imagine if Jasper had Twilight hair and Bella had New Moon hair, but only in the reshot scenes? Continuity with wigs!!! It's very important!! LOL

    I'm sure it will be fine, don't fret!

  10. @Mox - LMFAO!!!!!

    That shower pic of Kellan is unfuckingbelievable. He doesn't normally do it for me, either. A co-worker subscribes to Interview magazine and brings them to work for me to look at. Looking forward to checking this one out.

  11. I was hoping they would be true. I would love for them to come back to Vancouver for any reason!

  12. oh and @Dangrdafne, thanks for the email alert today. Made me happy during a chaotic day at work.


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