Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh no! Bam-pires!

I stumbled across a few final Eclipse trailer reactions today and thought I'd share them with you. If you're going to pick just one to watch, view the first one.

WARNING: Turn down your volume!
(for the second one!)

This is really kinda cute if you ask me. I'm a sucker for little kids, and she's adorable.

"It's a wolf? It kill Bewwa?"

Now we re-visit "NuttyMadam357" who surely lives up to her name. (if you're curious to witness more of her spastic reactions, visit her youtube site.

Not really sure what else to say about that one....

And here's a girl who kinda looks like she's going to puke...and then she cries. Sweet.

Woah...chill girl...chill. LMAO!

All of my fun making is just that...pure fun. You should have seen me when I saw the New Moon trailer for the first time. I flipped. Wish I could say that about the Eclipse trailer...but it's growing on me...ALOT.

BTW, did anyone film their reaction?



  1. The little girl is so adorable. Even my hubby watched that one.

  2. First girl was adorable ("look at the dog!"), skipped the second vid for now as I'm trying to get the kids to fall asleep and I'll watch with volume a bit higher next time, and I'm worried that kid #1 is going to turn into crazy woman #3 when she gets older!


  3. It never dawned on my to film my first reaction, but I sure am glad these people did because it's good entertainment! LOL. That second girl is a freakin' spaz...these people make me feel normal and for that I love them. That little girl is sooooo stinkin' cute!! Love her!

  4. I love that first little girl. Sooo effing cute. The second girl needs meds, and I couldn't even finish wathcing her. The third woman appeared to be normal, then she cried. I wonder who cuts her hair though, becuase the right side is waaaay shorter than the left.

  5. @Living w/ Edward: OMG I normally notice stuff like that! (hair mis-haps)...gotta go back and look now.

  6. The little girl is so, so, SO cute. (The mom in me thought she was too young to be watching it, though.) Her facial expressions and the way she said Edward at the end was just adorable.

    @Living with Edward - LMFAO!!! "The third woman appeared to be normal, then she cried." And then you made me go back and watch a little bit of it again so I could check out her hair. I'm still laughing!!


  7. The little girl is ADORABLE, but I agree - she's way too young for this!!

  8. @Lisa & MB: YES, I totally agree that the little girl was too young to be watching that. She has to be like...3?

    T&T: I know right?! That larger lady made me feel a bit more normal about my Twi addictions. I got misty during the NM trailer, but that's just because New Moon is soooo depressing.

  9. Video #3-Now see this is why I'm NOT Team Volturi! That group will bring you right to tears!

    I have seen the New Moon trailer more times than I have seen the middle of New Moon the movie.

  10. #1- that lil' girl was adorable. esp love her face around the 1:23 mark.

    #2 omg - this is my fave because she is so darn animated. she's the british howard cosell of fandom. the 'rawr & jacksper' comments were fabu.

    #3 tears- lol

    i managed to only watch the dvr oprah portion twice. my reaction was somewhere between videos #2 & #3. i have yet to delete it from my dvr- just in case i need to see it again.


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