Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Rob, Since You're Out Of Town......

.......would you mind if I hooked up with Alexander Skarsgard? Just for a night. You know, he's the guy who plays Eric Northman on that other Vampire show.

Rob, you know you're #1 in my heart. You're beautiful, sexy, talented, educated, artsy, well-traveled & loyal....the type of guy I want to marry and have sex with for the rest of my life. However Alexander is just.....smokin' hawt.


Come on, have you seen his ass???


Not to mention his abs?


Seriously Rob...maybe if you showed us a little ass? Your abs had me panting in New Moon...are we going to see more in BD? Pleeeeaaaase?! I'm just feeling a little sidetracked. I'm sure if you come back home to California, it will clear my head (as would a good pounding from Mr. Skarsgard)

Rob, please don't deny me the newest member of my Freebie Five.

As Mr. Northman.

Not usually my type.....

I suddenly have the urge for all white sheets.

I'll play human if you play Vampire.

Lookin' a little surfer-ish there Alexander.

Fresh faced.

Oops, how did this get in here?

So Rob, whatcha think?



  1. So, Rob just leaned over in bed, looked at my laptop screen, and told me to let you know he's cool with you and Eric getting busy. Mkay?

    How fucking hot is Mr Northman - post haircut only of course - I can't help but have a little bit of 'I told you so!'... tee hee hee.

    A coworker gave me a framed print of that all-white-sheets pic for a joke Christmas present last year. He hides in my drawer at work, just popping out to say hello when I need a pick-me-up!

  2. I'd take him even with that bad Season 1 hair. Yum!

  3. So, you're telling me that Mrs. Skarsgard bares all in TB? Well, why didn't you say so?!?! I've got to get on this True Blood Bandwagon. I'm not sure he's my type though...are there other nude vampires on this show?

    I'm sure Rob understands. He would want you to be happy. He knows you'll be waiting for him when he gets back.


  4. Jen, thanks for the lovely diversion to temporarily distract me from my missing imaginary boyfriend. Eric/Alexander is most definitely worthy. I've read all the TB books, but still haven't had a chance to watch seasons 2 or 3. Rob's been keeping me pretty busy, but it looks like I have a little extra time now :)

  5. @I_heart_Fifty: LMFAO!
    @T&T: Emailed you ;)
    @Sue: My bestie just gave me book 1...uh oh. I went to her house last night to watch episodes 1-3 of Season 3. You MUST watch season 2!!! It's sooo good.

  6. It'd be rude not to if you ask me ;)

  7. The TB books are really good, quite different from the show though. Enjoy!

  8. You know Alex is like 6'4". The man is just a viking god. And he looks experienced... whatever, take that however you want. When it comes to True Blood, I am so freaking Team Northman.

    Rob looks like he would be gentle and sweet and Alex seems like he might hurt you and yell curse words incessantly. I would enjoy both. That is all.

  9. I've yet to see season 3 of TB but if we are just staking a claim on the TB guys while Rob is out of town I will totally leave you Askars if I can have Ryan Kwanten (Jason). That boy is so hot! ps-Jerad to Ryan not a stretch. It's a type.

  10. @TT: You can totally have Ryan. He doesn't do it for me at all. However, Askars is totally NOT my type either...but for some reason him in that role just does dirty things to me. Gaah so hot.

  11. hi there fellow san diegan! :)

    love skarsgard! so hawt! plus he has no problems getting nekkid in his movies!!!!!


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