Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twi-Observations, Cigarettes & Strawberry Ice Cream.

I always love the Twi-Observation posts that Lisa shares, so when I saw a few Twi-related things out and about today, I thought I'd copy her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery you know....


Cute lil' "I heart Vampires" top in the PJ section at Target.

Bella Minestrone soup at Vons (local grocery store.)
Vegetarian no less!

WA plates in the Target parking lot! FOOOOOOOORKS!

he he he.

In other news, did you hear about the fan encounter with Rob inside of the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock, TX? No? See below:

IMDb- egoangel18

"I met Rob!!! He was touring the local Buddy Holly museum! I had given up looking for him and decided to take my son in to get free cake cuz it's Buddy Holly's bday celebration! I was rounding a corner with the stroller and there he was scruffy and all!! There was like nobody in the museum just old people.

I was seriously paralyzed then I just spit out 'rob is that you?' he turned around (he was looking at a guitar) he looked at me and started laughing and said 'no no you've got the wrong guy' but duh I heard his sweet voice I knew it was him!!! I was paralyzed again. He kept smiling my 14 month old was babbling so Rob bent down a little and said 'hi there'. Then some guy came over and was asking Rob if he'd seen everything. I was so dumb I started asking him what his favorite Buddy Holly songs were and babbling about stupid *beep* Rob was soo nice and polite even tho he looked sleepy. He said he was going to head out and asked me nicely not to post anything about his whereabouts for a few hours. I was all ' omg of course, and then like an idiot. I asked him for a hug. He laughed again and then gave me like a 5 second two-armed hug!!!!!! He gave my son's hand a little tug and said 'nice meeting you', then he said the biggest compliment ever, 'i hope when I have a kid he's as beautiful as you! ( talking to my son). I almost fell on the floor. Then him and the other guy left and I didn't want to look like a stalker by following them so I just kept walking around the museum. I had left all my crap in the car , my camera, my photo I wanted him to autograph. I didn't want to be like 'oh rob can u wait here a sec? :( :( he looked like he was in a hurry. But omg omg BEST DAY of MY LIFE!!

Omg I have no idea which guy his friend was. He was dressed like. Way nicer than Rob his shirt was tucked in and he looked really young ..if I had to pick one maybe the second one. Ya he was towering over us (I'm barely 5'3!) and I noticed a little tummy on him ! He wasn't all six packed out or anything !! He looked so good tho like his body looked and felt like you really had something to hold onto! I always thought he was skinnier. He smelled like cigarettes and strawberry ice cream lmao that's the only way I can describe it!!!!!

I'm trying to remember all the bs I said to him. He probably thought I was nuts cuz he kept laughing. I told him that he & Christoph waltz are my fave actors & he was like 'oh sorry It would probably be more exciting to meet Christoph'

I know! Just wish I could have gotten a pic :( but it's ok. My baby absolutely loved him and was trying to grab his beard !! My baby has been called a miniature Edward Cullen so maybe Rob saw his own cuteness in him." -via robstenation


Him, not the ice cream.

Sorry, don't like strawberry.

Odd combo. Maybe the free cake they were giving away was strawberry flavored? Hmmm...

Last but not least, did you hear that supposedly Rob, Kristen and Stephenie are doing the DVD commentary for Eclipse, which is rumored to be released on Dec 4th. I hope it's true, that would be so awesome. As for the release date?! I thought it would be late Oct. Seeing as New Moon was released in theaters in November and released on DVD 4 mos after. As for Eclipse, that would make it 6 mos after...what gives? See the rumored details HERE.



  1. I love your twi-observations! And yes, I was wondering myself when the DVD was coming out. I suppose they are trying to make it a Christmas-frenzy.

  2. Cute Twi-observations! I have to pick up one of those cute jammy vampire shirts at Target!

    I'm flabbergasted by that story of the woman meeting Rob at the Buddy Holly Museum. She had an amazing Rob experience! So what if she didn't get a picture or an autograph. She got something better. She was able to actually engage in a brief conversation with him. And the comment he made about her little guy. OMG! Rob is so sweet! And sweet smelling, it sounds like. *sigh* Lucky lucky lady!

  3. I told you your CrackBerry would be addictive. LOL!! Now I can see the Carlisle car pic better, too. Too funny!

    But nothing is as funny as the fan's story about meeting Rob. I could actually feel her adrenaline as I read it and didn't have an "I hate her" moment as I read it, either. Did she seriously say that Rob had a tummy on him? Beer gut, maybe? LOLOL!!

    You know I don't like strawberry either which is why we couldn't pick the Edward Cullen sundae in FFFOOORRRKKKSSS, but for Rob, I could try and choke it down (she said that).

    Can't wait to hear about your trip with Sue tonight.



  4. I was kinda hoping Rob would smell more like chocolate instead of strawberry, but I'm sure I wouldn't complain if given the change to find out for myself. That's such a cute story and I know exactly what Lisa means about not having an "I hate her" moment :) Jen, it was so fun seeing you tonight!

  5. Great post! And that story - OMG!

    "He said he was going to head out and asked me nicely not to post anything about his whereabouts for a few hours."

    So, I had a dream about Rob the other night (KStew featured too, but let's just not think about that right now). I was lost in the bush (you'd probably say the woods) and Rob found me and let me go back to his little hobo-shelter with a campfire and tinned food. We snuggled by the fire (SQUEE!). When we were properly rescued, the dream skips to being back at my place and Robsten were waiting for their SUV to come and pick them up. I pulled out my phone to take a pic and send it to my friend and Rob was all 'I'd prefer if you didn't do that' about it. Awwww.

    So yeah, that comment reminded me of my very own dream-ward.

    God I wish I could bump into him. There was once a rumour he was coming to NZ to film - my god if he was in this country I would be such a stalker...

  6. Great Twi-Observations... and that fan encounter was just heart warming.


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