Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rob Is Coming To Forks...


Thanks to the oh so lovely ladies from Trixie & Tess...tell all, I won a drawing! My name got picked out of a mug! I would have been happy with just the knowledge of winning a random drawing [because I never win anything!]...but they had other plans...

I won Rob!

On a wallet/coin purse thingy!


Hellooooo Rob.

Check out the back! It's adorable!

And it came with a card. Did a lil' birdie tell them I LOVE cards?!

Um..and do you see what it says?!

It's there, in the proof. I'm Mrs. Edward Cullen :)

Awww & a sweet note a Starbucks gift card [didn't think you needed to see a pic of that]

I hit the jackpot!

I wish these girls were coming to Foooooooooooooooooooooorks!

Trixie & Tess
, you rock.

Thank you so much!



  1. T & T are awesome girls!!! Congrats on winning the Rob purse! It is so cute!

  2. Love it! You and your wallet are going to have so much fun in Foooorks!!

  3. We're so glad that you love it!! Thanks for pimping us out. :)

    How many days 'til FOOOORKS?!

  4. Six day until Forks!! How do we get Trixie and Tess to come play with us in Forks???


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