Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Sunday Rant.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate being a hotel fact way back when, I loved it. I got paid to help people soak up all that San Diego has to offer. Granted when my desk was outsourced, things changed quite a bit in the $ dept...but for the most part it's not all that bad. What pisses me off is that I wish I was making the money I was before the desk was bought.

Times have changed too...people expect more for less. I was g-chatting with LKW this morning about just that. Guests book their hotel rooms through a 3rd party (which is totally fine, I do the same thing) however they expect everything else at the hotel to be significantly discounted and/or free. I mean really?! Yes, you have to pay $22 to self park & $28 to valet. Yes, you have to pay for coffee in Starbucks. No, the internet is not free in your room. Yes, the breakfast buffet is $24.95. No, I can't check you in. Yes, I can give you directions to Tijuana. No I do not recommend going there. Yes, I can help you plan your stay. No, I can't read your freakin' mind.'re in San Diego.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying said things aren't's just that guests act all surprised and appalled. Hmm, maybe if you did some research on the hotel before you came, you wouldn't' be so shocked. Besides, I had to pay $45 to park in San Francisco, and there weren't any other options. Any descent hotel you stay at these days you're going to end up paying to park. Ok, maybe not in the middle of nowhere bum f*ck Egypt, but SF, LA, NY etc, it's the standard.

This is NOT my place of employment.
But I bet they have free parking!

This is also NOT my place of employment, however Robsten stays here,

Remember these photos?!

I bet the Concierge at the Chateau Marmont has all sort of juicy secrets. I also bet he or she gets tipped a whole shitload more than me.

Ok, rant over. At least I found a way to squeeze in Rob...gotta give me credit for that right?

I'm off work soon and going to hang out with fam and friends. Cheers! Happy Sunday!



  1. Is that San Diego picture yours?? It is gorgeous.

    I hear you on the whole people wanting everything for nothing. I see it all the time when I travel. I always err on the side that nothing is free and when it is, it makes me happy :)

  2. I hear you on the not being a mind reader. When I worked at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, a rockslide blocked some tourists from visiting. So they asked me where they should go. Damn, talk about an open question.

    btw - Pocket Edward is a ming reader.


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