Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess That Bloggy Baby Round 2 (plus answers & winner from round 1)

Answers from Round 1:
1. Jenny Jerkface from Twitarded!
2. Isabella MARIE Cullen from Twilight Junkies Anonymous!
3. Mandy from Malicious Mandys Mind!

And the winna, winna, winna of round 1 is
a lovely lady who happens to be one of my bloggy besties.

No, I didn't secretly send her the answers...she's just a tricky gal.

Want a few hints?

She LOVES Robsten just as much as me! Esp in blk n' wht.

She might own stock in Franzia boxed wine ;)

And this happens to be her FAVORITE #.

You must know by now....


My dear friend Lisa has a beautiful blog. You can view it here www.17foreverlisa.blogspot.com

You can also find her on twitter @17foreverlisa

If you aren't following her, you must!



Time for Guess that Bloggy Baby Round 2!!!

Bloggy Baby #1:

This bloggy lady thinks you'll be able to tell who she is straight away. So to appease her, no hints on this one.


Bloggy Lady #2:

This bloggy lady loves all kinds of vamps, however I'm pretty sure you'd never find any where she lives :)


Bloggy Lady #3:

This bloggy lady is probably one of the kindest ladies in our fandom...always thinking about others.


The rules are pretty simple: Put your answers in the comments and the first one to guess correctly wins. If you were a previous "Winna" you are not eligible to win again. I have a gut feeling that if I gave Lisa the chance, she'd would win again ;) Lisa: Doesn't mean you can guess though. Just for sh*ts and giggles.

I wish I had a cool prizes to offer, but if you do win, I'll pimp you out...and maybe even offer up some sexual favors if you're coming to Forks. I kid. If you don't have a blog & are not coming to Forks, don't let that stop you from playing along!

Good luck!

PS...If you haven't sent me a pic, it's not too late....I'm already planning round 3.



  1. 1. twilightcupcake
    2. HonoluluGirl
    3. Mrs. P

  2. Awwwwwwww! Thanks, Jen. Will it be unfair of me to play again? Nah. Here goes.

    #1 - Twilight Cupcake from Twilight, Travel, and Treats

    #2 - Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight

    #3 - Dangrdafne from Dangrdafne's Days of Delirium

    Love you! FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!

  3. #1 Twilightcupcake

    #2 Honolulu Girl

    #3 Dangrdafne

    Hints really help :)

  4. @Kassie- I wasn't sure if I should give hints or not, but I figured if I didn't, people would be clueless. It's a fine line.

  5. Yay, I think I know these!! I've only been hanging around for a little while, so I'm impressed that I knew them, well the hints really helped!

    #1 - Twilight Cupcake
    #2 - Honolulu Girl
    #3 - Dangrdafne

    So, I don't have a blog, but I am going to Forks. I accept various forms of payment! ;) LOL!

  6. I would just like to say that I agree with the last 3 guesses! :)

    CUTE CUTE CUTE Babies!!! I love the pics!


  7. Ok I think i've got these today :)

    1. Is TwilightCupcake
    2. HG
    3. Has to be DD

  8. I know I posted a guess on this yesterday, but it isn't there now. Anyway, I agreed with all of you. I'm not surprised that Lisa was in there again first with the correct answer, even listing their blogs for extra credit. I want her on my team for all games in FOOORRRRKKSSS :) What a bunch of cute kids you guys were!! Jen, this was a fun idea.


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