Friday, September 17, 2010

PFach Wants To Look Like Bella Too!

So I might not be the only one who was jonesing for a Bella-esque jacket for Forks!

Here's PFach at the premiere of Buried, sporting a nifty blue jacket.

Wonder if he too, wants to channel Bella?

"Did you hear, PFach is stealin' my style?"

PFach, does this mean you might make an appearance in Forks? If so, that would be super swell. I can't promise one of the girls wont try & stick your head in their cleavage for a little motorboat action [Jennie wont mind will she?]...but please don't let that scare you off. Here are the dates: 9/30-10/3

As for my dream of wearing a Bella-esque jacket...Old Navy had a few and every time I went there, they only had XS or XL, apparently these jackets are popular, who knew!? Truthfully I didn't love any of them and really wanted the real thing...but couldn't stomach spending $70. Long story short I had totally forgotten that ES bought a warm brown jacket for when she was living in Australia. Score! Of course she was happy to lend it to me and if you squint, it looks a bit Bella-esque'...right? :)

It fits, and it's FREE.

"WTF?!? Now TwiredJen is copying me!"

Yup, that's right Bella. Besides, hasn't anyone taught you that imitation is the highest form of flattery?

P.S. Did you check out "Guess that Bloggy Baby Round 3 (and round 2 winna')?" If not, go guess!



  1. Forever21 had a jacket JUST like Bella's blue one for a while, for like $25. I just checked for you but it's gone. In the "similar" category, there's this one from jcrew.

  2. Hey AfterCar, thanks for the info, and I will check out the link. JCrew happens to be one of my favorite stores ;)

    Are you coming to Foooorks?

    xo J

  3. I must confess that I have accummulated a few of Bella's jackets over the years. (I have that exact blue one. *blush*) Around here I can get away with no one noticing. I was a bit nervous knowing that all you ladies in Forks would spot them right away. Now, I feel confident I can come out of the closet. LOL

  4. @PurpleCupcake- Girl, you can run out of the closet! lol You're coming to Forks? I may or may not have remembered that. YAY! Less than 2 weeks! Are you staying at the Forks Motel?

  5. Oh Christ. I still need to get a jacket. I can't believe how fast this trip is coming!

  6. Yes! I will see you at the Forks Motel in 13 Days!!!! (Holy Crap) I'll be the one all Bella'd out.


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