Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guess that Bloggy Baby! Round 1.

It's time for Guess That Bloggy Baby!

Do I sound like a game show announcer? Sweet!

In case you missed the original post from Saturday, click here for more info.

Side Note: All of these babies have blogs on our blog roll. Just so ya know.

Bloggy Baby #1:

I'm sure this cutie eventually grew into her glasses. Wonder if she talked about poop then as much as she does now?

Bloggy Baby #2

This adorable gal has actually been in the same room as THE PRECIOUS! Not to mention 2 other Twilight mega-stars!

Bloggy Baby #3:

This lil' blondie happens to be from a place affectionately known as Hollywood North. She's always got the scoop on the Twi stars, especially during filming.

Ok ladies, put your guesses in the comments. First one to get all three right, will get some serious blog pimping...if you don't have a blog, I'll give you a HUGE shout out & maybe some smooching if you happen to be going to Foooorrrrks :)

If you'd like to participate, send me a pic!

P.S. I will post the answer & pimp out the winner of round 1, once I feel as though everyone has had a chance to guess. I may post it in conjunction with another post, or with the next installment, should I get more pictures :)



  1. Firstly I cannot believe I've never clicked to follow you .....sooooo sorry :(
    1. I'm gonna say JJ cos of the poop talk
    2. No idea at all, soz
    3. Again, no idea so i'm going with STY
    word verif-cakedi...........I make cakes!! LOL

  2. Ahhh Mary! No worries :) Follow me, and my ocassionally bloggy sis Elusive S..she only stops in now and then.
    xoxo J

  3. I thought I already did follow lol. Oh well, all done now :)
    you have mail btw ;)

  4. Gah! How did I get here late. Damn RL stuff around the house.

    #1 = Jenny Jerkface from Twitarded

    #2 = IsabellaMARIECullen from Twilight Junkies Anonymous

    #3 = Mandy from Malicious Mandy's Mind

    Did I win?

  5. #1- JJ
    #2- Isabella MARIE Cullen
    #3- Twilove1 Sue

    Hope I'm right.

  6. 1. Jenny Jerkface
    2. Isabella Marie Cullen
    3. Twilove Sue

    but without your hints - I wouldn't have even tried to figure them out. LOL

  7. I’m copying TC!

    1) No doubt, the one and only-JJ
    2) Twilove Sue
    3) Mandy

  8. The only one I know is #1 - JJ. The glasses & face made me think of her. The poop comment made it positive.

    I'm not familiar with the two blogs run by Isabella Marie Cullen and Twilove Sue. Thinking this contest will be a fun in more ways than expected.


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