Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tweets from the Twilight Lounge

I was just thinking that our tweets from Forks might be pretty hysterical. I know if I wasn't going I'd probably sit home glued to my computer, wine in hand PMSL ;)

Tweets from the Twilight Lounge...1st night.

Note: these are not real tweets.....YET.

@JennyJerkface- Holy shit these twatwaffles are the shiznit!

@VitaminR70- No shit. Hey, where did @LatchkeyWife go?

@LatchkeyWife- I'm in the bathroom...shhhh.

@TwiredJen- I saw @LatchkeyWife humping an Edward poster that was taped to the inside of one of the stall doors.

@17foreverlisa- Hey @TwiredJen think I could get a box of Franzia for our table? PS that bartender looks like beardy Rob.

@TwiredJen- @17foreverlisa PMSL! Um....1 box of Franzia, comin' ur way! Anyone else??? PS Maybe he owns a guitar?

@Dangrdafne- You two @TwiredJen & @17foreverlisa are too much. Diet coke for me!

@MrsP_Twibite- Jesus take the wheel! Oh, and someone get me some more diet coke & disaronno! Pls.

@twilove1_sue- @MrsP_Twibite @17foreverlisa & @TwiredJen Wouldn't it be so cool if 100 Monkeys surprised us karaoke night!?

@Dangrdafne- hey @twilove1_sue I don't think you and @TwiredJen would be able to contain your lady bits if Jackson showed up.

@Mama_Cougar- Hey h00rs, a Precious look alike just walked in. My lady juices are flowin'...I need a!

@TwiredJen- @Mama_Cougar M, does he have a girl that looks like KStew with him? #Robsten 4 eva'!

@17foreverlisa- Hey @MrsP_Twibite wanna have a smoke outside?

@TwiredJen- @17foreverlisa you may not smoke & don't drag @MrsP_Twibite down with ya! I'm calling Chief Swan.

@LivingWEdward- Attention all: Edward is missing!

@Dangrdafne- Did you check the bathroom? @LatchkeyWife was in their humping something earlier.

@TwiredJen- I think I'm gonna take a bath when we get back to the hotel...I need another vodka tonic.

@MrsP_Twibite- @TwiredJen JEN! You're in Forks, get over the baths already.

@17foreverlisa- I'll take a bath with you @TwiredJen as long as it's wh*le free!

@twilove1_sue- @cullenarycurser quick, stick that plastic wh*le in @17forever Lisa's wine!

@Mama_Cougar- Someone plz record @17foreverlisa and see she if she snores in HER sleep! Gettin' ya back biotch. *muah*

@cupcakegirl76- Hey @TwiredJen I brought bugles!

@Myg - I miss my boys, hand me another shot @SnarkierThanYou !

@TwiredJen- Sweet @cupcakegirl76 we can take them to the bonfire!

@SnarkierThanYou- Will do @Myg. Btw, can you believe we're here?!

@VitaminR70- Hey @LivingWEdward we found Edward, he was hiding in @StarlitViolets purse!

@StarlitViolets- What?! How did he get in there *whistles & looks away*

@Mama_Cougar- I love all you b*tches, how bout we go back to my room for a Forksgy?!

@VitaminR70- Only if I get to see your sweet tits @Mama_Cougar

@TwiredJen- Hey @MrsP_Twibite & @17foreverlisa MC is requesting a Forksgy...lmao!

@JennyJerkface- Attention lovely h00rs, it's last call! Party in our room...NOT.

@JennyJerkface- Attention all, last tweet was a JOKE. Don't even think about it jizzfaces!




  1. HAHAHAHA! Fucking hilarious Jen. And you capture personalities so well!

    I'll be at a non-twi friend's place for the weekend when you're in Forks and I kinda wish I was gonna be at home all weekend with my Twi-DVDs and my laptop!

    But, since it's an expense-paid weekend with flights inclusive, I'll take it. Rest assured I'll be back home quick-smart to hit refresh on my twitter feed... wishing I was in the US with you all.

    Still bitter about not being there, but as I missed out on the $14mil lottery last night, I'll keep dreamin...

  2. Holy chizz! I just spit oatmeal across the room! @Jen you just made my morning. I really really wish I could go to Forks, but Kassie and I have some stuff planned to make us feel better about not being able to go. And we will definitely be glued to Twitter that weekend. Awesome post!

  3. Holy hell, Jen!! I may or may not resemble my faux tweets. LOL! I think we're going to need extra cell phone batteries for FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!! Just sayin'.

  4. I don't know if I should be happy or terrified that you know all of your tweeters so well LOL!!!!

    Great post - can't wait to see all the ones that come true.

    11 days to FFOORRKKSS!!

  5. Holy hell. This may all happen. I actually have a fear of losing Edward in FOOORRKS. Sometimes I contemplate not bringing him, but that is sooooo not an option. But if he does go missing, I know where to look. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. These tweets make me wish I was going with y'all. I'll be the green one (with envy) at home.


    It's frightening how well you know me.


  8. On twitter, I'm Purple_whipped. I plan to partake in the Forks tweetapalooza. Meet ya at the motel *wink*

  9. Only 9 more days till FOOOORRRRRRKKSSSS!!!!!! I am beyond excited and I know this next week and a half is going to go by super quickly! There's a good chance that the Twitter Wh*le will die from all the Twilight Lounge overtweeting.

    Jen, did you see the picture Linda took of us before the last Monkeys concert while we were both tweeting Lisa? It's really dark and just our faces & phones are glowing. It's pretty funny. I'll email it to you.

  10. PMSL! I don't know you all that well (yet) but you were spot-on with these tweets! FFFOOORRKKSS!!!!! Can't wait!

  11. LOL. Love that. Can't wait to read the real tweets from the Twilight Lounge!


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