Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here at Twired (and almost everywhere else you look in this h00re-y twidom of twitards) we like to look at (or make up) parallels, relations and general 'isms'...

SO, here is the rumored Renesmee:
& more pics here

Her name is Mackenzie Foy. You can see it, right? Edward Masen's green eyes and bronze hair... Bella Swan's mouth and skin... and not only an EdwElla hybrid, but a RobSten hybrid... KStew's green eyes and gorgeous scowl, Rob's hair...

So great, such a perfect match... who could contend with this stunning girl?!

But then I changed my mind... while she's still stunning...

She's actually a JackRah...

That's right h00rs, she is what a Jackson and Sarah's lovechild would resemble...


No? OK, fine. I'll give, she's a good pick for a RobElla/KStew lovechild.

Have fun in Foooooorks, bitches!
(Oh, and have a few cocktails for me, please).

Elusive S


  1. ROTFLMAO! OH MY GAWD that was funny. Srsly I was laughing out loud in the empty lobby this morning. Classic.

  2. Seriously ES that little girl could totes be your and JRaths love child :)

  3. Elusive, you so rarely share your wittiness and humor with us; but we are so happy when you do wrestle temporary control away from Jen *enjoy your trip Jen!*

    LOL- great post!

  4. I can see it...you and JBone...and her as your love child. It totally computes. She's a beautiful little girl.

    Nice to see you, ES!

    Have fun on your trip, Jen!!


  5. I am very sorry that I will not get to meet you and you will remain the Elusive S.

    I think she could easily be either couple's child. It is kind of eerie actually which then makes her even more perfect for Renesmee.

  6. Now that explains why I was so confused by this choice! I remember the book saying Charlie looked into Renesme's eyes and he saw his own eyes and Bella's eyes, so they should be chocolate brown right?

    Thank you for clearing up her paternity! I remember when I saw those pictures of Jackson holding baby animals I melted and thought of him as a daddy.

  7. @TongueTwied-Darn I knew I wouldn't get it right if I didn't reference Twilight... Hey wait, I sort of did... in Bella's dreams about the 'child' he had green eyes... and she always imagined renesemee would be a greenie. But yah, she SHOULD have chocolate eyes-they'll prob put her (like K stew... and hell, all of em) in contacts.

    @Dangerdafne-I know, I'm sorry I won't get to meet you too! I had to go to such extremes to remain so elusive... maybe you guys can skype me into the hotel bar one night ;)

    @Trixie and Tess-mmmm JBone... that's what had to happen for us to create our love child

    @TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen-Whoop whoop! So glad you agree :D

    @ Jayla- THANKS! :D Glad you enjoy my witty elusivity... I'd do it more if I had more time and more creative energy.

    And finally... @ JEN-So glad I could surprise you and make you giggle with this post :).


  8. She is adorable, and I look forward to meeting yours and Jax' lovechild.


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