Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sharing is Caring!

I'm not going to claim any sort of investigative reporting, because we all know I snagged these pics elsewhere.

Hmm see the girl on the far right with her back to us? Sure looks like Kristen-esque jeans and typical white side knotted T! I spy fingers on her fact, is that finger porn?

Now most of us would say they'd know that arm anywhere. Well I'd know BOTH of those arm anywhere.


I always thought he loved her ass.

Here's Sam Bradly with the same girls from the restaurant/bar.

In similar news, here's a picture of Kristen from the Louisiana set of On The Road. Gosh, that shirt look really familiar!

Oh yes, now I remember...

Sharing is caring.

Robsten makes me happy. That is all.



  1. compelling! why does this make me so giddy?

  2. Jen, I'm so impressed! I just love your enthusiasm and mad detective skills :) But shame on you for contributing to the delinquency of an employee. First you call me out on twitter for not working and then you update your blog. How am I supposed to get anything done? XOXO

  3. How very Ispy of you Jen :)

    We all knew he was headed there but I'm glad there is proof.

  4. I love that they share. Robsten moments make me happy. I say that is DEFINITELY Robsten in that pic...all signs point to "YES"! I just asked the Magic 8 ball and that's all the confirmation I need.


  5. I don't know about the pic of the hand on/near the ass but that is DEFINATELY his shirt on her!!! They have to know that everyone has seen them both in that same shirt! Love it!


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