Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lifes Ups & Downs and an Apology to PFach

Do ever feel as though someones on your side? Whether you believe in Gawd (I mean Rob) or you not, there is no denying that sometimes someone is looking out for you...OR maybe it's just karma. F*ck if I know. All I do know is that sometimes when something kinda sucky happens, something pretty good happens to balance it out...and vice versus.

Hope that chicks ass doesn't smell...

Here's an example of how this balance game plays out into my life:

Way back when I didn't think I'd be able to afford my flight to Forks, I ended up getting more than I thought back from my taxes, and my Grandma also helped out. Fate? Then about a month ago, the brakes on my car started acting up...I had just had a full break job 18 mos prior. I also needed new tires...FML. Well, I ended up calling my auto body shop and finding out it might be their fault...something to do with the machine they used to cut something-rather was faulty at the time [great, why the f*ck didn't you call me earlier?!?] Long story short, they ended up fixing it for FREE, when I was dreading having to pay another $500. Huge relief! However, I was still stressing about putting my hotel/rental car on my credit card for Forks, getting new tires & my hair done...cut and highlights mind you, before I leave. Well, this afternoon I get a call from my co-worker/friend telling me I might be able to get a free rental car for Seattle. Basically we use Enterprise at the Concierge desk and one of the higher ups said she wants to offer us free rental cars vs. discounted ones. I called her to see what she could do (didn't want to assume) and she comped my car for Forks...FREE! F*ck yeah! Needless to say I canceled my existing reservation. Just when I was super stoked about that, my lap top screen finally takes a shit this afternoon. It's been floppy for a while, but finally wont stand up without support. Gaaah. With tears in my eyes I head off to my hair appt. Turns out my stylist was running low on a product she uses during my highlights and felt horrible that we had to reschedule. She trimmed my hair and re-scheduled my highlights for Thursday...and didn't charge me for my haircut because she felt bad. FREE!

See....things always have a way of balancing each other out. Here's my ghetto lap top.

Ghetto lap top...masking tape to anchor it, and books in case it fails.
Oh, not to mention my plastic wine glass for the bath and s/o's feet.

Anyhoo, I get home from my hair cut and an email is waiting for me. It's from my San Diego Twi bestie, Twilove1_sue, asking if I'd be her "date" for the Anaheim Twilight Convention on Oct 9th. I told her NO.

JK!!! My answer was.......um....hell yes! It turns out her daughter can't go so she asked me! We actually met for the first time at the LA Twi Convention back in June. She's going to Forks too!

However I'm a little nervous now, you know, after making fun of PFach's jacket. Yup, PFach is going to be there, and Sue has a photo op with him that now includes me too....SQUEEEEEEEE! This will technically be my 4th time seeing PFach. One was at the New Moon Premiere...he was one of the few celebs that rolled down the window of their limo. Two was at the Twilight Convention in LA in June...I saw him during the Cullen panel...he was by far the most animated. Third was here in San Diego at the Twilight Movie event at Petco Park when he signed my boob...er...clavicle (Sue was with me then too!) and now I get to actually take a pic with him! Ok I admit it..I have it bad for PFach....even if he say's "Ahhhhhhmy of newborns."

Mmm Peter, looks like you're being arrested...handcuffs, yum!

I'm thinking his chances of coming to Forks are slim to none, especially now that I have made fun of him for trying to copy Bella's jacket...but hey.

Do you feel like things go up and down in your life? Am I just nuts?



  1. No Jen, you are not the only one. Things are like that in my life at times and going up & down does not involve sex. LOL! It does suck every now-n-then!

    But remember...ying & yang, coming full circle, karma, pay it forward, sh#t because it all can go the other way just as easy.

    I have a idea for helping raise $ for your new laptop, sell "The Charlie stache"! I'll buy one from you in FFOOORKKKSS! Seriously!

  2. OH YEA! Awesome on the Sue hook-up!

  3. Hey Jen :-) Too true, life is full of ups and downs. I haven't been doing so well in the $ dept either lately as my son has been doing the rounds of doctors and having tests. This week I have been faced with the dilhema of a really expensive DNA test for him or my car registration payment and then when I picked up my post yesterday I got a card to collect a package???? I haven't ordered anything so was a bit worried actually until I picked the package up this morning and it was a prize I had won in a competition (at the liquor store when I bought vodka) of a snazzy mobile phone worth about $500 - selling it on ebay so I can pay both my bills! I really wanted first prize tho - 2 week fully paid holiday to California to see some bands.....

  4. That is so awesome. I love it when things just seem to resolve themselves like that. Freaking awesome!


  6. Jen, you're a sweetheart and definitely deserve great things to happen to you! I think having a postive attitude always goes a long way and it does seem like the universe tends to even things out in the long run. OMG only 1 week until FOOORRRRKKSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so ridiculously excited :)

  7. YAY for Twilight Conventions...and for all of your freebies, and your date with Sue, etc! That's awesome! I love PFach...Daddy Cullen is HOTT! I met him and took pictures with him in Atlanta earlier this year. It was SO much fun! He is the nicest guy and so funny. I'm going to see him again in November at the Dallas Twilight Convention!!! WOOT! Can't wait!


  8. Ask Living with Edward about all this. She is amazingly adept at making things happen for herself. I see it in my life at times and I am always grateful for it.

  9. Thanks everyone :) Life sometimes has a way of working itself out...eventually.


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