Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Musings About Forks & Monkeys.

I know, I need a better webcam...Anyhoo I meant for this to be short, but sometimes I get to rambling...such is life. FOOOOOOORKS!

Speaking of those schmexy they are, accompanying Jackson and Jared at the Toronto International Film Festival for their movie "Girlfriend."

Jackson (Mr. MOS) Jerad (Mohawtie) Uncle Larry (Munkle) Ben J & Ben G.


Hawt Damn.

See my last post "Sharing is Caring?" If not, go HERE.



  1. Hawt damn is right girl! Black & whites of Jackson...sweet jeebus! This made my day...and may have also caused my panties to spontaneously combust!!! :)

  2. I also need my hair cut and colored SO BAD!! I am hoping to get it done before FOOORRRRKKSS but my friend that does it just moved and doesn't have room in her new place yet with all her stuff everywhere. Hopefully it will happen. Thinking happy thoughts on it.

    I too didn't think Rob was that hot when I first saw him. It took me a few times of seeing the movie before I got to the point where I would probably donate organs for the chance to be with him. And yes, if I'm giving up important body parts then there needs to be some introduction to some of Rob's important body parts.

  3. Your videos always make me smile. Is it wrong that I hope you are a little late for the Twilight tour so that we get to see Sue try and stop the bus? LMAO!!

    I love that you converted the pictures into b&w, of course.

    So, you've seen Jackson up close and personal several times now. How skinny is that boy?

    Two weeks and one day until FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!



  4. @Lisa- He's NOT skinny. He's compact. I guess he's about 5'8" and 170lbs.

  5. Oh, Jen Jen're so flippin' cute. I love the vlog! Your excitement for FOOORRRRKKKSSS just radiates off the screen. You have me wanting to give Sookie another try. I own like the first 6 books, but could just never get into them...and the TV show sounds really good. Am I just going to have another addiction? I don't know if I can handle another addiction?


  6. @Jen aww come on he's skinny :-)

    @Lisa yup he's travel sized- but we know big things can some in small packages *wink*

  7. Jayla-NOT when you see him on stage ;) He's got nice thigh muscles and killer arms. Hot Damn.

  8. Jen, your video is adorable, just like you! Lisa, I'm so glad to know that my safety is foremost in your mind :) And do not fear that Jackson is too skinny in real life, he's perfect. Believe me.


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