Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey Rob, Listen Up!

Listen up dude...I know you're on a real life road trip with your buddies Tom & Sam. I'm also pretty sure that you've been doing ALOT of drinking. So to make things easy for you, I have mapped out the rest of your route. Don't be coy, we know that's where you're headed. Looks like you just take 10 East all way to New Orleans *cough Kristen cough*

Umm yah...I couldn't figure out how to embed or copy/ I took a picture.

I love maps.

Oh and Rob, those recent scary beard shots were unnerving me a little...were you planning on shaving that before you get to Kris? Cause I'm thinking she might kick your ass if she ends up with a rash on her hoo-ha. Just sayin'.

Here you are posing with your posse & one lucky biotch. You look happy here Rob. And the beard, it's not so scary. In fact, it's quite becoming. Hmmm, is beardy-Rob growing on me?

Oh Tom, you broody man you.

My advice Rob...not that you're asking for that you need to get out of Texas and head to New Orleans as fast as possible. Look at the people you're starting to associate with. I'm scared for you Rob...trying to blend in and be "normal" might not be all it's cracked up to be.


Safe travels Rob.



  1. Jen, it's lovely of you to provide Rob & Co. with a road map since they're no doubt unfamiliar with our country & would appreciate the assistance. However, this is your big chance to change the map and make their final destination San Diego! I'm sure Rob wouldn't even notice that they were headed in the wrong direction and you know we wculd show the Brit pack a good time ;) Just think, that could be us all over the internet with giant hearts over our faces! :)

  2. LMAO...ok I guess this is where I admit that my love of Robsten clearly outweighs everything else. Gaah, did I just admit that out loud?!

    I think I'd cry for a good solid week if they broke up. Srsly. Lisa....where are you when I need some Robsten support?!

    Don't get me wrong Sue, I'm all about redirecting them to SD, but I can't help but want Kris to tag along....I wear Robsten goggles and I'm not opposed to a 3 some. (She said that.)


    xo J

  3. Gee, Jen, thanks a lot for killing my hawt beardy Rob road trip fantasies. Mrs P would never do something so heartless (or even think of suggesting a squicky Robsten threesome). Just sayin'.

  4. As I mentioned on twitter the other day, I don't mind the beard in general, but it's covering up the jawp0rn, and I'm not so comfortable with that...

    Also, pash-rash is so not cool. If I were you, Rob, I'd be investing in a razor before you get to New Orleans and keep KStew happy.

    I've just read LKW's post on Twitarded about Rob heading to the OTR set and I agree with the comments there that KStew is one lucky lucky girl if she gets to play with Viggo all day and Rob all night.... sigh....

  5. Better late than never, but I'm here for you, Jen! Sorry, Sue, but I cannot wait for new Robsten pics in the other LA ;)

    I love, love, LOVE the beard. You know why? It symbolizes what weekends and sleeping in mean to us. Can you imagine how many times Rob has to shave when he's filming in order to maintain his character's look? Seriously. He probably has to shave three times a day when playing the part of Edward. Not shaving for Rob means he's got free time. He's relaxing. It won't be there forever. We know how gorgeous he is in various stages of scruffiness. I was actually going to post about this. I think I just did in the comments. LOL!!


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