Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flushy Rob & Sh*t You Should Know.

Drum-roll please.................................

Lucky Biotches.

So what do we have here? Rob, at a college bar...in TEXAS? ...According to the twitter/bloggy world, this is true... I was going to say something kinda mean about these girls, but who am I to say anything? I'd probably lose bowel function should I ever actually get to put my arm around The Precious. Lucky biotches. I don't think they appreciate what has happened to them. They almost look too normal...as if this is just another night in their meat market college town bar.

I hear Rob is on a road trip...hmm, maybe to meet up with Kris in Louisianna?

Sexy Stew!

On a completely different note, the h00rs at Twitarded posted a genius (as if you'd expect anything less) post titled "Five Random Things You Should Know About Me Before You Meet Me In Forks."

Make sure to check out the gazillion comments, they're kick ass! Since I have their blessing, I'm going to put my Five Random Things You Should Know About Me on here. And I'm even going to copy and paste it from my comment on Twitarded, because I'm feeling that lazy. Oh, and I may edit this one....in case I think of something to add.

1. Whenever I travel I get a poopy stomach. Truthfully I'm terrified that I will have an upset stomach on the way to Forks (or worse, the "short bus" tour) from nervous excitement. I'm getting poopy just talking about it. I will be popping Pepto like it's crack.

2. I need sleep, unlike our Vampire friends. Of course I don't plan on sleeping in and missing out on fun shit in Forks, but if you see me abruptly disappear from the bar, it's because I decided I'm tired and want to go to bed. It happens in 5 seconds flat. Proof: I changed into my PJ's at my Dirty 30th B-Day party just as a hint for the guests to get the eff out. It was late, I was over it.

3. When I drink I tend to give up TMI. Like I pretty much have no filter when in regards to the stuff I'll say about myself. I also tend to get a little dirrrrty. Like I may or may not act as though I'm humping FSE...if he's in the vicinity.

Humping, BJ...it's all the same.

4. I'm not shy, at all. In fact I talk A LOT sometimes. But, I can also be super quiet...just taking it all in...observing.

5. I'm overly sensitive. Like I get my feeling hurt pretty easily...just sayin'. I need to grow thicker skin. That, or people are just mean ;)

End of story.




  1. Lose bowel function, LoL.

    I love how KStew looks in that photo. You know what I always wondered - how does celebrity hair grow so much faster than everyone else's?

    I'm sure you'll be fine on your trip to Fork, but maybe you should consider that adult diaper thing that you joked about on FB. Just in case. ;)

  2. I'm glad the girls seem normal. I am sure Rob gets mauled alot and it is nice to see some normalcy for him in that picture.

    I loved that random five facts post on Twitarded - we are an interesting bunch LOL!


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