Monday, September 20, 2010

Vulnerable Stew

If you've read this blog for any length of time, I'm sure you've realized just how much I puffy heart Kristen Stewart. As far as appearances go, I love how she has this fresh-faced-innocence meets-sex-kitten look about her....and she owns it. I often question the seemingly flawless look of celebs such as herself. Sure, she's 20, but even at 20 I'd look exhausted after lack of sleep or a late night out...let alone hours and hours of travel. Kristen rarely looks tired. Sure celebs have access to better make up, massage therapists, comfy hotel beds (hot sex with the likes of Rob) ...but still...

Anyhoo I came across a few pics of Kristen over at the RobstenLoveForum tonight, and they made me appreciate KStew even more. You know how so many of the pics we see on the red carpet appear almost flawless....well, these were taken in less than flattering (normal) you can see a few imperfections here and there, but to me, she's still beautiful and...


I'm sure this guy has something to do with her fresh-faced meets naughty girl look too...

I think he's good for her soul.

As she his.

Disagree? It's ok. To each his/her own.

Kristen made me do it.

I kid.

P.S. I'm kinda weird? Go here.



  1. Love it. You're right that last robsten smile at each other is the best. It's so cute it's almost maniped. Dangit I had another stew cutie tagged on my desktop I'll send to you later.

  2. Love it! KStew is definitely growing on me... still don't love her, but that's probably the jealousy getting in the way :-)

  3. I *big puffy heart* KStew. Always have, always will. Not because she's perfect, but because she's...well, KStew...the girl who brought us Bella, and in turn brought us Edward, who brought us Rob. Does that make sense?

    To the left, to the left...:)


  4. If only we could all look like her when she is in 'less than flattering' lighting/poses. Gah she is soooo pretty... I am jealous!

  5. aww- i like this post a lot. it's great to see 'stars' looking less than flawless... um, human maybe.

  6. So nice. Have to admit I wasn't the hugest KStwe fan until I started lurking around these parts. But I've always sympathized with her, I'd hate all that attention too, course I'm also jealous of the whole RP closeness. Right now my iPad screen is a collection of Bella pics in honor of September being Bella's birthday month.

  7. Such a great post! Nice to know that others puffy heart Stew just as much as I do! The pics were stunning despite the "imperfections" (which honestly I barely even noticed). And besides I think that is some of the appeal of the Stew. She is imperfect...but she owns it! And that's why I love her!

    And she's sexin' the precious which would probably have me looking a little fresh faced too! ;)

    Yep...haters to the sho!!!

  8. I puffy heart Kstew as well. Love this post <3


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