Monday, September 27, 2010

So Cal Swamp Ass & Shirtlessness

So if you follow me on twitter (@TwiredJen) you may or may not have heard me bitch about how So Cal never really had a summer. Granted San Diego typically gets Summer weather around late July-Sept, and sometimes even into Oct. Well, our summer was in the low 70's, with not a lot of sun. We're known for getting slapped with a heat wave come Sept/Oct, but we're getting more than slapped...we're getting pummeled, whipped, spanked (mmm Fifty) and thrown for a f*cking loop as I

I like this. It looks like a penis.

Here's an article that was posted in our local paper this morning, just in case you think I'm being a whiny bitch.

"Coastal San Diego County is experiencing the hottest day it’s had in decades, with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees from Oceanside to San Diego, says the National Weather Service.
By 11 a.m. Monday, the temperature hit 109 degrees near the Oceanside airport, 108 at Camp Pendleton, 106 at Point Loma, and 100 at North Island. Forecasters also had readings of 104 at University Heights in San Diego, 108 in Torrey Pines, 107 at Montgomery Field, and 102 at Chula Vista. The Weather Services says the extraordinary heat is being caused by warm offshore winds, high pressure, and an inversion layer that is making the region bake.
At 4 a.m., the temperature at 500 feet above the surface was 95 degrees, creating a warm layer that mixed with the air closer to the surface as the sun rose. This is the hottest Sept. 27 since 1963, when the temperature rose to 104 degrees in the San Diego area." -Gary Robbins

Here's a pic taken by somebody from this morning, that was attached to that article.

A boat pulling into San Diego Bay.

Then...I just read another warning about Los Angeles on, it's 113 f*cking degrees! Apparently the hottest day on record. I wonder if Heidi Montag's boobs and face have melted yet? Just sayin'. Oh, and I may or may not have swamp ass by the time I reach Forks on Thursday. (yah, I stole that term from JJ *waves*)

So I was trying to figure out how to make this Twilight related...I just don't think it's going to happen folks.

Oh wait a minute, how bout' some shirtlessness?





Hey may not be Twilight related, but he's an ode to the shirtless Gawds.


I couldn't leave ya hanging, now could I? YUMMY.



  1. It's Twilight related without the shirtless hunks.. although they are oh-dear-god-so-fucking-hot! It's 1 Oh 8 baby!!!

    It sucks that it's so hot out by you... we are finally getting into the cool weather, thank god. It is currently 55 :)

    At least you get a break from the weather when you are in FOOOORKS!!!

  2. PS: 108= wolf temp btw but I assume you got that lol

  3. The high today is 45. Let's split the difference and we can both be comfy.

  4. Damn that is hot for L.A. Well if it makes you feel better, our humidity is 51% but feels wetter sometimes.

  5. Tell me about the heat. It was so hot at Grandma's funeral in Hollywood Hills that we sat in the shade instead of by the casket & the cemetery handed out cold bottles of water. So glad to be headed home tomorrow where it is raining and in the 60's

    Love the hot hunks. You can use them anytime to make a post related to Twilight.

  6. Had to go find a temp converter, we work on degrees down under...phew! That is hot...

    We were only 77 today but it is only 3 weeks into Spring here!

    Thanks for the shirtless pics of the Cullen boys and ASKARS, my new obsession, like I needed one.

    Take care and make sure you drink lots of water.

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  8. Oops let's try that again.

    oh I just had to take a moment to fan myself - not from heat but from hawtness! Nice pics!

    We're just coming into Spring here, the clocks changed this past weekend and I'm enjoying sunshine for once... I too had to use a temperature converter to tell you it's 65 here (18 celcius).

    I'm sure those of us in the Southern Hemisphere will be sure to complain alot about our excessive heat in February when you're all freezing xx

  9. **Bitch and moan alert**
    It was so hot here in LB yesterday, 111F tied the all-time record. We do not have air-conditioning, my car was in the shop so I could not cool off at the gym, and I had a deadline to finish a crocheted blanket. I sat in my living room, fans blowing, with a nice warm blanket on my lap. The only thing that helped was watching New Moon on my new tv. Gah! Shirtless Edward had me fanning myself in a whole different kind of way.

  10. That is so crazy! We've had such a hot summer here...high 90's and 100's for the majority. However, this week we've had some unseasonable lows...40's and 50's.

    LOVE the shirtless pics!



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