Friday, September 3, 2010

Itchy Mouth

I'm not a huge fan of fruit...never really have been. In fact, bananas make my mouth itch...just a little bit. So do strawberries, cantaloupe and pineapple. I had to see an allergist once, after a rather serious allergic reaction (to what? they never figured it out)and he told me that when your mouth itches a little bit like that, it means your body is having an ever so slight allergic reaction to something. It may not mean anything serious will ever happen, it's just a very minor reaction.

Speaking of bananas....

KStew & her banana in New Orleans.

Speaking of bananas...where's Rob?

Kristen was photographed in New Orleans yesterday 9/2. She's there for her roll in On The Road. She looks super tired in some of the other pics that were posted, but I think it might just be because she doesn't have eye make-up on yet...You can see the rest of the pics here.

Happy Friday ladies...26 more days till FOOOOOOOOORKS. Just sayin.'

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  1. Speaking of banana's, where IS Rob??? LOL

    PS: Bananas are gross :)

  2. I love bananas...and I love you for pimping us on your blog! I also love the pic of KStew...I need another Robsten encounter soon...maybe this weekend?!

    Have a great weekend!



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