Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Going Back to College!

So you know how sometimes when you're searching google images you happen to stumble across a picture that may not have been quite what you were looking for, however it begs to find it's way into a post or an email?! Well, that's what happened to me. I googled "drunk twilight fans" in order to find just was for a Forks post I had in mind. Well my fellow Twitards...I stumbled across a picture of a lady (???) in her bedroom sprawled out seductively across her bed, drowning in a sea of Twilight. Immediately I thought of Mama Cougar's den...which has since been improved upon (as if it needed any improving!) I sent her this particular pic and jokingly said something to the effect of "This chick's trying to out-do your den!" I'll let her comment her response if she so wishes.

Anyhoo, I also sent the pic to my Sister, aka ES. First, let's look at the pic, shall we?



Ok, I admit, I'm sorta a sick kind of way. But what killed me was my Sister's response:

"W-owww! Wonder what the certificates are on the wall... degrees of twilight? ba ha." -ES

She had me ROTFLMAO! Seriously, wouldn't that be great?! What if they really did offer degrees in Twilight? I'd sooooo go back to college in a heartbeat. You wouldn't have to ask me twice. Just hand me an Edward Cullen lunchbox and I'd skip off on my merry way.

Seriously (not) if I attained a degree in Twilight, I would reVAMP my resume to reflect the newly acquired degree & maybe finally get hired somewhere else. Sweet.

I kid.

***If you happen to be the proud owner of this bedroom, I salute you. My s/o would kick me in the vag if I even attempted to do that. In fact, I might just kick my own vag. That is all.

P.S. Miss my last post about fruit? Go here.



  1. Muahahaha. You're right. That did help my shiteous mood. I don't own any twi-merch apart from books/DVDs/CDs etc - so need something! Really want a mini-E...

  2. I plead the mother fucking Fifth Amendment.

    That is all.

    This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.


  3. It's never too late to go back to school.

  4. @MC- pmsl!

    @PurpleCupcake- Actually, I think I might have seen that someone! LOL Thanks! Can I request just a class on Twilight, where you don't have to do any real thinking? :)

    @Fifty- Glad I could make you giggle :)

    xo J

  5. I've already seen the Eclipse lunchbox I NEED
    where do I enroll???????????

  6. Soooo, this is a bad thing? If I have a space similar to that, I shouldn't admit to it? Ok. Right. *achem* 'cause of course I DON'T have a room like that...that's so crazy.

    I would be the first to enroll in Twilight University. I've been wanting to go back to school for another degree...sounds like the perfect choice! I've already got my Edward lunchbox...and some Twilight journals to take notes in...I even have an Eclipse book bag. I'm set. Sign me up! :P


  7. All I can say is that this chick cannot be married. Seriously. Nobody else's hubward would let them create that Twilight Wonderland (except the uber cool Mr. Mama Cougar!)
    *sigh* Yes, I'm jealous!

    Hmmmm.....Twilight University. Imagine the career opportunities.

  8. For a very small split second I thought maybe it was MamaCougar's room!! WOW good for her. There are worse things we could all be involved in LOL!!

  9. Jen, Cal State San Marcos actually has a Twilight class on their fall schedule, but I couldn't get Nicole to take it. You'd think she'd be willing to do that for me. Mrs P did a hysterical post about her version of Twilight University awhile back. I'd link it, but I'm totally lame.

  10. I am completely inspired! Someday I am going to make a Twilight quilt, or maybe just a Rob quilt. Hopefully my husband won't leave me after that, lol.


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