Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Time, It's Time!

Technically it's Bella's 23rd birthday, as she was born Sept 13th, 1987 (according to SM) However I'm gonna go by the movies...mmmkay?

Happy Birthday Bella!

Yah, your 18th birthday wasn't really so great was it?

I mean shit, you had to stare at this atrocity of a wig...

"No Jaspaaaaah, save your strength for the aaaaaaahmy!"

And then we can't forget that other depressing as f*ck situation...

Maybe you should have had a cuter jacket?

"Bella I don't want you.....or that ugly ass jacket."

Here's hoping you look something more like this for your 19th birthday....

in BREAKING DAWN!!!! (can I get a squeee!?)

...but with red eyes of course...and a 3 day old
hybrid at your side....err... in Rosalie's greedy hands.

Haven't played "Guess that Bloggy Baby Round 1?"


Round 2 coming soon!

In other news....did you get a chance to see the pic of Jackson at the Toronto International Film Festival? Yum.

And here's Ashley Greene on the VMA's white carpet, looking gorgeous as ever. I LOVE her dress! And her legs...wowza! Plus she's wearing gray nail polish. Apparently it's the new thing. Revlon has it along with a few other new colors...I just bought the gold one and adore it. Might have to try gray. I think it's meant to be worn very carefully though...right outfit, nice manicured nails. Anyhoo, here she is!



  1. Oh I like Jackson and Ashley's pics. Thanks for the reminder Jen :)

  2. Need to find an electronic version of a baby pic... am getting there, though, I promise!

  3. LMAO! Thank you for putting up that hawt picture of Jackson to counter that "atrocity of a wig" picture.

    PS: Your R&J essay is due today!

  4. Ashley and Jackson looking HAWT as usual!!!

    I'm definitely hoping Bella looks more like the last pic in BD! I think Summit and the hair/make-up crew are finally honing in on their skillz. Eclispe h&m was good (much better than the first two movies) and I'm thinking it'll continue to get better through the next two! *fingers crossed*

    Happy Birthday, Bella!!


  5. PMSL "No Jaspaaaaah, save your strength for the aaaaaaahmy!" Thank you sooo much for that line.
    oh yea, and for the yummy- read carpet picture of Jackson with his dimplicious crooked grin.

    Happy Birthday Bella :-)

  6. Fun(ny) post, Jen! Great pictures of Jackson, Ashley (love the b/w/grey, of course), and Kristen.

    Here you go: SQUEEEE!



  7. Great post! The whole..."No Jaspaaaaah, save your strength for the aaaaaaahmy!" Had me absolutely rolling!

    The Jasper wig however made me throw up in my mouth a little. Whoever is in charge of the wig situation over at Summit....What.The.Fuck.

    I totally agree that had our girl Bella been wearing a cuter jacket she may not have been dumped in the woods by the precious. Oh well...can't wait to see her all vamped up in BD! It better be bad ass...just sayin'!

    The Rathboner sure was lookin' hella fine at the film festival. Thanks for that little slice of heaven! :)

    And Ashley, as always, was gorgeous!


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