Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I a selfish b*tch?

Um, not when it comes to doing Twilighty stuff.

Let me explain. I have a friend that I haven't seen in a couple years. She lives here in my town, but we sort of fell out of touch. We have been saying that we should get together forever, but our schedules are so different. Anyways, she saw something I had posted on Facebook the other day about the "Twilight Nights" outdoor movie viewing event here in San Diego. She commented that she wasn't a fan, but that it might be fun to go with me. Of course I'd love to see her, but um....NO. I get into a Twi-zone & that is something that only Twi-minded people would "get."

For instance, this year for Eclipse ES & I are going to have our own little Eclipse slumber party with our Mom prior to seeing the movie the next morning (GASP! Nope, I'm NOT going to the midnight showing. Am I kicked out of the club?) Last year for New Moon I invited my bestie and ES invited hers to our NM slumber party & movie viewing. Both girls had read the books and enjoyed them...but that's it. Don't get me wrong, we had a blast...but by the afternoon, after we'd seen NM, I sort of felt like they were getting sick of my squeeeing about the movie. Side note- My Mom is hardly a twi-tard, but she's in the club by default. ;)

It's not that I don't want to expose people to Twilight, believe me, I'm a pusher. But my Twi-obsession is a sacred virtue. I don't ever want to feel as though I have to limit my Twitardedness at Twi-events. Oh, and guess what?! Twilove01 is coming with me to the Twilight Nights event! ES can only go for a bit, as she already has tickets to a concert. Luckily I'll have Twilove01 there with me so we can be Twitarded together. Twitards unite!

"Hi Rob."

"Hi Jen."

"What's wrong Rob?"

"You didn't wish me a Happy Fathers Day..."

"You aren't a Father Rob..."


"But you're still hot Rob. Ridiculously hot."

"Good, thought I'd lost my edge"

"Rob, you'll never lose your edge."

Moving on....

Wanna see the Eclipse movie companion scans?! They're really whore-ish for you Eclipse virgins!

Check them out HERE.

So, do you think I'm a selfish b*tch for telling my friend that I'd rather do something else with her, outside of this particular Twilight event? Do you do Twilighty things with your non-Twitard friends? (By non-Twitard I don't mean people that hate it, just people that aren't nearly as into it as you.) Tell me, in the comments!

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  1. Don't feel bad, I would be the same way. I would just say "just a warning....." and let her know how into it you are. She can make a decision then ;)

  2. LOL I get it. There really isn't any room for lukewarmness when it comes to Twilight, especially seeing it for the first viewing. You have to go with people that are as into it as you are, because its that much more fun not having to explain to people why its so fun. I'm going with my mom because she's the only person I can pretend is more into it than me! I asked her if she was going to wear her shirt I got her for Christmas as a PJ and she was like, of course! Have fun with your sis and mom!

  3. You are in no way selfish. If you haven't seen her in awhile, she's gonna want to talk & catch up. And I will flip some brain cells if someone is talking to me when I'm trying to immerse myself in something Twilighty!!

    I do Twilight things with my non-obsessed friends because I don't have any Twitarded friends & I have 2 friends that like Twilight & will go with me to almost anything to be supportive *however there is the occasional eyeroll*

    I want to go to the Twilight Nights thing with you guys!! It would be so amazing to be with other people who "get it"!!! I'm glad you have your mom's support-that's so parents don't even know what Twilight is :-(

  4. NOT AT ALL!!!! It's soo hard to be with someone who isn't into it as you are. Being a Twilight fan like those of us who follow multiple Twilight blogs and fan fics and buy all that we can afford and watch the movies over and over (even when we aren't crazy about them, but b/c they're Twilight, we love them lol) is not something that can be shared with a lightweight or someone who just read the books and are eh about it. I think if anything, maybe they are selfish for wanting you to calm your excitement and not to get all squeeee about it. Have fun. I'm going with a friend who is way into it and is as excited as I am, we're going to dinner and then gonna go to the bookstore and ogle all that is Twilight/Eclipse stuff and just get all geared up for it then go and chill with all the other Twihard that will be at the midnight showing. Seeing a Twilight movie is my once a year get away from being a mom, so I do it up as much as I can lol

  5. I say no, catch up with her doing something else, nothing should spoil the twitard experience... We don't have too many twi events where I am, but I did make the mistake of going to see NM with a non-twitard who sadly made me feel slightly (make that very) pervy for drooling over Rob and the strut and the Shakespeare (OMG) and the groan and the shirt removal... oh it was perfectly ok that she drooled over Taylor sans shirt (pedo!)

  6. Um, I thought Rob was at yours... that pic of him in the doorway? Totally looks like your spare room...

  7. @edwardsisobel- LMAO! "pedo" ha ha ha..too funny. Rob his HOT. That is all.

    @ES-Kinda does, doesn't it!

    @SimpleComlexity- That sounds like a fab evening with your fellow twitard!

    @VampiresWeLove-Now I'm confused as to who you are. You're blogger profile says your blog is Spooning in Forks?! If so, I had NO IDEA you lived in So Cal?! Tememcula??? Email me and I will give you my cell, we can definitely meet up there if you want to.

    @SFT- Your Mom sounds so cute. Hope you two have a blast!

    @Cat- Thank you! xo


  8. Taking your friend to this might work out because you definitely won't be the only Twihard there and she can see for herself what the fandom involves. Like when Edward walks through cafeteria door, I would imagine a collective gasp or cheer, not just you, so you wouldn't look out of place like you may have felt with your bestie last year, esp with Twilove1 in the mix. She might feed off the energy, kind of like when you end up going to a concert for a band you are not that into but there is so much energy and buzz you still have a great time (?)

    Side note-You mom probably enjoys seeing her girls act all silly over Rob and Twilight.

  9. My husband would call it selfish- I call it self preservation. I feel the exact same way. I'm elated to finally be able to put on my full twitardedness for Eclipse, rather then wear the 'normal' mask I wore for the last two movies.


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