Monday, June 14, 2010

Who knew Mrs. P was such a lush?

Did we mention that we invited Mrs. P to come to the convention with us? Yup! She was ridiculously giddy. Of course she insisted on riding front and center (cough...attention h00r...cough.) Unfortunately, I had to tell her she was blocking the speedometer. She thought I was being ridiculous, and that I should drive FAST, like Edward. I reminded her that we had to make it up to LA in one piece if we all wanted to see Rob. That pretty much shut her up. Here's a quick re-cap of her adventure with us.

Here she is bright eyed & ready for ROB.

She was pissed some b*tches were taking forever on the red carpet.

Here she is, barely visible in front of the Cullen Crest.

Here she is with us at Pink Taco posing in front of a delicious Rasberry Mojito.
After the mojito, she kept screaming"Pink Taco!"...kinda like she had tourettes.

Here she is enjoying Pink Taco's amazing chips.
I don't think she gets yummy Mexican in her hood.

Sadly enough, she ate a bit too much at Pink Taco and missed out on the vendor area. She ended up sleeping off her lunch in my bag.

But I must say, the girl recovers quickly...

Here she is posing in front of our delicious Diamond Dragonfly mango somethingrather
vodka drinks. She thoroughly enjoyed hers!

After her Vodka drink, she decided to finish off ES's Bloody Mary from earlier...lush.
I must admit though, she's funnier & even wittier drunk.

At this point Mrs. P was starting to fade a bit. She insisted we order some vodka Red Bulls to perk up. I said it wasn't such a good idea for me, but she insisted. She's so cute when she's trying to get her way.

After the Vodka Red Bulls Mrs. P started squeeing all about how excited she was to finally see The Precious in person. She stammered on and on about it. She said she absolutely had to find out if he had an uncircumcised peen, and that maybe if she snuck backstage she could pounce on him without anyone seeing. I tried explaining that that might not be a good idea, & that she could get arrested.

At this point she was beyond reason, and before I knew it, attempted to make a run for it. I started laughing, but had to put my foot down.

Don't worry, I didn't hurt her. She just needed to sober up a bit.

Unfortunately she spent the rest of the afternoon in my bag. Being the stylish lady that she is, hanging out in my Michael Kors bag wasn't so bad. From there, she was able to see & listen to from arrest.

We had tons of fun with her!

Thank you for joining us Mrs. P!!!!

Side note:
Mrs. P, we are ashamed to say that we didn't get an autograph for you, nor did we fold you up into an airplane & gracefully send you flying towards the stage at Rob. Hopefully you forgive us :)

It's not quite a celebrity autograph, but we hope it will suffice.

Other random yet super cool stuff below!

*Go to ROBSESSED for a ridiculous amount of Rob pics & vids from the last couple of days. I am overwhelmed with how many videos I want to watch. Maybe I'll just whole up in bed one day and have a Rob vid marathon.

*If you are a Kristen Stewart fan, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the time to watch Part 1 & Part 2 of her press conference interview. her answers are very insightful and it made me respect her even more. It takes 25 minutes to watch both, so bookmark them for later if you don't currently have time. CLICK HERE.

*Also just found a KICK ASS Nightline Interview with Rob from Sat. He talks Robsten...kind of!!!
CLICK HERE, to see it. Skip to about 3.17 to for Robsten talk.

*Miss my LA Twilight Eclipse Convention post? Here is is: Part1 & Part 2



  1. LMAO - she kept screaming "Pink Taco!" Too funny.
    Good work, and thanks for all the links!

  2. Twired Jen and Elusive S....I WANT your signatures when we go to FOOOORKS! Of course you are clebrities, why else would I hang out with you? Lol! Thank you for the incredible guys are awesome!

  3. Great pics but I am not so sure Mrs. P is the lush in this trio!!! LMAO!!!!

    Looks like Mrs. P and you had fun and that is all that matters... although I am sad you didn't paper airplane her into Rob :(

  4. So cute! Love it! I'm surprised Mrs. P could walk after all of the mojitos (yum), bloody mary, vodka and red bulls, and the vodkasomethingorother drink. LOL.

    Off to read your Con posts!


  5. @MB- He he he, it was quiet funny with her NY accent! ;)

    @Mrs. P- Love ya mucho!

    @Dangrdafne- LMAO....I guess it would appear that way huh? Believe it or not they were super spaced out. ;)

    @Tess- She could walk but had many irrational know, the pouncing on Rob

    xo J

  6. Mrs. P is a lush, and she is the debil ;)

    Great idea on signing her avi. LOL! And now her avi has breathed the same air as The Precious. *sigh*



  7. I am NOT A LUSH!
    @Lisa---gerbils up the ass...

    My drink is empty...gotta split. Peace!

  8. Thank you sooo much for the Nightline link. One of the best interviews I have seen with him - someone actually taking him seriously (no cheesey ass Matt Lauer.

    It's refreshing to see someone in the center of SO MUCH attention, just laugh it off and not take himself seriously.

    Ok - and the Pink Taco! I totally missed that in the Convention posts. *face palm* I am so ashamed but not I can't get it out of my head! Who would name their place that!!! lol

    Great post - Mrs. P is lucky to have such goo ladies looking after her Rob interests.


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